Blake Lively: Golden Globe Gorgeous

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively dazzled the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress, who presented at the ceremony, took her father (actor/director Ernie Lively) as her date. Here's a gorgeous photo of Blake:

Golden Globe Girl

The star wore a strapless Nina Ricci gown with large sequin detailing, and finished off her look with Fred Leighton jewels: Diamond flower fringe earrings; rock crystal and diamond bangle bracelet; a carved ruby and sapphire, a diamond bracelet, in platinum; and finally, three vintage diamond bracelets, all in platinum.

Click to enlarge more Blake Lively pictures from the event ...

Gorgeous Gossip Girl Star
Red Carpet Cutie
Smiling Big
A Pretty Pose
Our Golden Globes Girl
Blue Blake
She's Blake in Blue

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She look like a mess on the red carpet with her father. The dress was too tight. She looked hippy. Her hair was a mess. She should have asked the Gossip Girl stylist to pick out a look for her.


i dont think she looked terrible, but the dress is a little tight i think. also i dnt like how it goes on the front on the bottom. and maybe if she brushed her hair?


She should have kept her hair neat, brings out her eyes, and that dress is all wrong--wrong color, wrong cut, should she want to expose her boobs she should try a more sophisticated dress. She has a really great smile though. But seriously, all wrong. Not Blake's best shot.


i'll always love her, though i think that was a faux pas. she should have had a different dress. but she worked what she got. her makeup was cute


i don't really like this unflattering dress- to be honest, it looks cheap which is sad, because she is gorgeous. would've loved something more blake-y


does anyone know were i can find the interview of blake at the after party when shes talking about penn???? pleasee?:)


Did anyone check out her Vogue pics?? She looks a-ma-zing! Honestly gorgeous. I wish the stylist from that shoot picked her Golden Globes look.


I think the dress is gorgeous, but it's not for someone with Blake's figure. I think it would look fabulous on someone thinner. For example, Taylor Momsen would have looked amazing in this dress. I think the color would really complement Taylors pale skin.
Anyway, I think Blake really should have worn her hair up in a more elegant style. She would have looked a lot better. And by the way, doesn't anyone notice her shoe(s)? They are nasty. She should have worn silver strappy ones (forgive me, I don't know what they're called because English isn't my native language)


absolutely gorgeous! The whole look suits her persona

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