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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively is on the cover and featured inside the February 2009 issue of Vogue, in which one of the show's leading ladies dons some seriously amazing dresses.

To say she looks stunning doesn't do it justice ...

Blake Lively Vogue Cover

Click to enlarge more Blake Lively pictures from the Vogue photo shoot below, then follow the jump to read an excerpt from the magazine's story on the show ...

Blake in Black and White
Blake Lively in Vogue
Lively, Lovely
Vogue Stunner
In Vogue

When Vogue first caught up with Lively, she was filming a scene in which Serena van der Woodsen was to saunter down East 61st Street with her sunny insouciance, but Blake instead was stooped and pale-green with the stomach flu.

Shivering in the dank November rain, Lively stood as a makeup woman spritzed her cascade of blonde hair. Her teeth chattered as she wanly assured a concerned member of the film crew, "It's OK; I just need to go to the doctor."

A production assistant plucked the oversize down coat from her shoulders, and in a black Marc Jacobs overcoat and TĂ© Casan teal suede boots, Lively sauntered while delivering sisterly advice to Serena's younger brother, Eric, without a hitch.

In the cinematographer's misty, romanticized frame, Serena was as rosily aglow as ever, and so were the town houses in the background.

The lens cropped the Upper East Side down to its most stately and prosperous lines, with no trace of the glaring RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE signs and GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE posters one block away, signals that the worldwide recession is lapping at the edges of Manhattan's most privileged ZIP codes.

Now halfway through Season Two, Gossip Girl has the ability to make New York City, whatever the meteorological or economic climate, appear, like Serena, dazzling and worldly and optimistic - if, indeed, a bit preposterous.

This is, after all, a series that presents high school swathed in all the perks of adulthood (sex, cash, alcohol) and adulthood stripped of financial cares or parental responsibilities ("Vanya the doorman used to sign our permission slips from school," Eric reminds his mother, Lily, when Lily tries to argue she wasn't really so neglectful).

And it's a show that works for adolescents and parents alike, which is hardly surprising—generation gaps are becoming increasingly obsolete in a society where, on-screen and off-, youngsters grow up too fast and parents refuse to act or look their age.

It's a nighttime cocktail of a soap, served up dry, with a strong dash of satire.

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she looks like rachel Mcadams !


this is like a month late, but with the off chance that you do return to this post... jim, shut up and stop being a tool. you have no idea of how much of an idiot you sound like, looking for "sources" and even bothering to mention wikipedia. in the end, it all comes down to someone's OPINION. these are not facts we're talking about. so shut up and stop trying to sound so damn clever. tool.


"..everyone wants a piece of blake..i see that leighton's pretty but blake is so way hotter..out of the gg cast, blake is obviously the one that's gonna make it the biggest.." Not obvious at all, considering that Leighton's the one getting the critcal acclaim and attention from 'People' magazine, 'Entertainment Weekly', 'New York' magazine, 'InStyle,' etc. Go on Wikipedia and you'll find the sources. What exactly are your sources for these "everyone wants a piece of Blake" claims? And no, this isn't an attack on her, but it's ridiculous to try claiming that she's "getting all the attention," when Leighton's been so well-received by the media and viewers.


Its really annoying. They are both gorgeous, and amazing. If you don't like her, quit reading posts about her. Bash her in a bashing post somewhere or something. Anyways, I think Blake looks gorgous.


Nice hair and dress , but I don't think the face is that beautifull. Leighton on the other hand, is way more gorgeous than her


OMFG she looks so old Hollywood and gorgeous! This is a great look for her. I'm sick of that sunny California thing.


My post had nothing to do with jealousy, I would have had the same problem if leighton was on the cover, I just think vogue covers should be strictly a-list with exceptions for bona-fide socialites only now and again, but tbh, I think Blake looks lovely here, photoshop work wonders nowa days....


Blake is an ugly bitch. i hate her and hate her.


I agree that both of them are pretty.. they may go on different levels of success, but i think Blake is given more chances.. they always give smaller chances to good actors... but you'll see they are the one's that will shine the most

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