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Finally. The most anticipated Gossip Girl episode of the year airs tonight.

Granted, it's only the fifth day of 2009, but still. We've been looking forward to "In the Realm of the Basses" for quite some time - and we don't think we're alone.

Still reeling from his father's death, Chuck goes on a bender ... in Bangkok. Then he gets in even more trouble smoking hash at school. Enter his uncle Jack Bass - but does Bart's younger brother have ulterior motives for helping Chuck out?

What else do you think and hope will happen in tonight's episode?

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but why does blair have no choice but to trust him?i mean in the episode jack said "and as for trusting me do you really have a choice?".why does she have to trust him?do you trust someone after you slept with them?....its illogical to say that they slept together because this is something bigger than sleeping together...what is it!!!


Ed and Leighton deserves an Emmy, Golden Globe whatever!!!
i melted when Chuck said: "I'm sorry" obviously he loves her !! nd she does too
Jack and Blair pleaseee!! who would believe that??? it's just toooo Crazy, although Blair slept with Chuck when she was devastated, and the same with Nate, and Jack is a Bass too.
LOVE GG, BLAIR AND CHUCK STOLE THE SHOW, and let me say again!!!


AHHHH, I'm in Canada and they don't show it on Sundays anymore!!!
We had a bunch of girls together on Sunday night only to be devastated it wasn't on!
Luckily we had rock band to distract us but what a bummer!


Oh when he stepped off the ledge into her arms???
I almost died!
PLEASE don't let Jack come between them. If anyone tries I hope it only strengthens their bond!!!


I love the rooftop scene. Obviously Chuck loves her or he would not of gotten down for B. She asked him to do it for her and he did. Beautiful! So much angst for these two though.


DAN AND SERENA:D:D:D:D I loved their scenes:) When Dan found out about the child, I was scared he wouldn't consider telling S. Therefore I became so glad when he was supposed to do it. S is gonna be mad at him when she finds out, but Dan can tell her about Rufus not alloving him... I really hope the child doesn't ruin for Dan and Serena! Previously I haven't cared that much about Chuck and Blair, but they're growing on me. I thought their roof-top-scene was adorable:) Thanks for finding the song, D. I was looking for it too


Blair would NEVER sleep with Jack or anything, in her right state of mind.
Although, new years is one of those times of year and if there was drinking involved, Jack could of taken advantage of her and....yeah.
But I'm hoping, praying and wishing the writers wouldn't do that to us. I have faith :/
It may have something to do with Blair's bulimia, as it's coming back soon. Maybe Jack found out at new years?
Although the way she said it was like something he could NEVER tell Chuck.
Too confusing :/


I hope they mean J finds B purging. OMG! This was a great episode too. I loved Chuck coming off the ledge and saying 'I'm sorry'. Obviously he loves her or he would not of gotten off the ledge for her. But what is up with the next episode. I seen part of the promo. Is Chuck going to sleep with some hussie in the back of his limo? I thought the limo was sacred!!!!!!!


WOW! UFF! I want the new episode here in Italy too! :(((((((
I did't read all the comments..I'm going to read now! This is my favorite telefilm....also because the protagonist named Serena, like me! iuppi!


Last night was awesome although Chuck was a little mean but thats just Chuck...I'm wondering though what happened new years between Jack and Blair I hope she did'nt sleep with him...


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