Gossip Girl Caption Contest 35

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Welcome to the 35th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

You all really outdid yourselves this week. This was the best batch of entries we've had. Our winner is enunciiate. Honorable mentions go out to Haluk Cemil, Alyssa, Ria and LEXXX. Thanks to all of you for playing and best of luck again this week!

The winning entry appears below, with the full list of captions further down ...

Serena Online

Serena: Chuck! For the last time! I will not apologize to Blair for you! Why can't you do your own dirty work?
Chuck: Oh, I plan to. The apology isn't the dirty part, Serena... it's what comes after she accepts my apology. I plan to do that entirely on my own.
Serena: God, Chuck, you are so disgusting and for the last time! Our rooms are right next to each other. STOP CALLING ME!

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i liked H.R.S ,Elle and L.X xD


Serena reading screen: Ways to Break Up with your Boyfriend before going to College.
Serena on phone w/ Blair: "Well, should I break up with him or not?"


Serena:"Oh my God,B.,you'll never believe what's in Gossip Girl!Someone saw Serena Getting of the train at Grand Central!"
Blair(Thinking):"Oh God,Serena forgot her name...AGAIN!"


Serena: Sorry B I have to hung up. I can't talk on the phone and type on the pc while breathing simultaneously..


Serena: Operator? Yeah it's me again. Don't worry one day I'll be able to use this.


LOL d should win that was pretty funny JuYehh was funny too


Blair´s getting an Emmy and I´m not.....that Bitch!


Serena: "Blair, please, I'm beginning to see spots again!"


hello,coco,are you free tonight?no,not for dinner,i need someone to do my hair.i don't want people to find out that my long lost brother is actually dan


secret services?agent goldy-locks speaking.aaron rose was anihilated.i repeat,aaron rose was anihilated.

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