Gossip Girl Caption Contest 36

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Welcome to the 36th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

Our winner this time is Sabre. Congratulations! Honorable mentions go out to D, Michaela and chucksbabydoll. You all did an amazing job this week, as always.

Thanks for playing and good luck again in this week's contest!

You Gave Me a B?

Blair: Really? Dan Humphrey? Just because we're in a recession doesn't mean everything you get has to be cheap. I hope his stimulus package is worth losing your job over.

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Blair: You may be the teacher Ms. Carr but I'm the one that is going to be doling out the lessons. Don't worry you won't pass.


Oh man Sabre is awesome! That was hilarious


i desagree,sabra shouldn't be the winner,he's is not funny at all.there are a lot of better replies


hey i really love D's and dolita's! There the best!


Carr: ok, let me guess the end of the season.
Dan and Serena "like real-life",
Chuck and Vanessa "like real-life",
Nate and Jenny "like real-life",
You and Carter "like real-life",
mmm.. maybe Lily is Pregnant?!
Schwartz (from behind the scans): are you reading my mind?!!


Blair: Really? Dan Humphery? Just because we are in a recession doesn't mean everything you get has to be cheap. I hope his stimulus package is worth losing your job over.


B: Hey Miss Carr, MC: Yes! Blaire. B: Umm oh yeah, Well I've seen with Dan- MC: Your point is? B: My point is- MC: Wait! Blaire you're not insinuating i'm trying to hook up with Mr. Humphrey, B: Umm well I just wanted to give you the heads up, cuz you might've done things differently in kansas- MC: What's your point Blaire! B: OK, umm well, long story short, once you go hoodlum- MC: Hoodlum? B: I'm sorry I meant Brooklyn (sneers), well once you go Brooklyn you never go back! MC: Are you saying Dan Humphrey is Ghetto B: Uh- MC: BECAUSE, you're no better than than his family and himself. B: (starts to walk aways) Ughh I hate her! MC: Oh and Blaire, I'm from OHIO! (Chuckles)


GossipGirl Here! Looks like Yale isn't Blaire's only problem. Can you say Miss Carr, well neither could Blaire with out a grin. Its been said that Miss Carr gave "B" her first "B" Ever, uh-oh can you smell trouble! What's "B" to do, this is going to be easy, but she can't go down with a fight, we have our fingers crossed "B". P.S. Don't forget "B", the Queen can't have her minians see her sweat! xoxo GossipGirl♥

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