Gossip Girl Caption Contest 36

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Welcome to the 36th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

Our winner this time is Sabre. Congratulations! Honorable mentions go out to D, Michaela and chucksbabydoll. You all did an amazing job this week, as always.

Thanks for playing and good luck again in this week's contest!

You Gave Me a B?

Blair: Really? Dan Humphrey? Just because we're in a recession doesn't mean everything you get has to be cheap. I hope his stimulus package is worth losing your job over.

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Blair: S


Spotted: Queen B and the new teacher having a little chat at the corridor. Be careful Miss Iowa, not all the thugs are across the Brooklyn bridge.


Blair: Haha, you had your fun. Now hand it over. Miss Carr: Excuse me? B: My headband. MC: Huh? B: Stop playing games with me woman! Penelope said you had it. I have to take a Calculus test next period and I need my lucky headband! MC: Blair, I don’t have your headband. B: WHAT!?! Someone is going to pay for this!! *Stomps off to Headmistress Queller’s office*


I love NatesBb! That one rocks! LMAO!


i really like blondie59!!


Blair: Oh Miss Carr, your fashion sense is as abysmal as your grading sense. *smirk*


Blair: Look Miss Carr, you aren't in Kansas anymore. If you want to be part of my minions you're going to have to do more than change my B to an A. Although that would be a start. Miss Carr: I'm from Iowa!


Blair: Miss Carr, do you have a moment? Miss Carr: Yes, Blair. B: Just so we're clear, if you give me another "B", I'll have my girlfriend kick your ass. MC: Excuse me? B: B=Serena kicking your ass! You know, you're not very bright for a teacher. How the hell did you get this job? You're boring me. **Blair walks away** MC: What the f***?


Gossip Girl: Whats this now? Looks like Queen B just got a B. What made B slip up? I bet we could think of a few things. Can you say "I love you?" Neither could Chuck Bass.


Blair: Excuse me, Miss Carr.. i think you must have mistaken my grade for this essay, don't you know who i am?
Mrs Carr: Your one of my students, Blair, and i'm your teacher. I did not make a mistake on your grade. Your essay was unsatisfactory and boring. That is what a B stands for. Blair moves a little closer.
Blair: Miss Carr. Let me tell you something. a B stands for, Blair, Beautiful, and Bitch. Which is a side of my character that i'm sure you will be getting to know very soon.

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