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Blair; Look I can tell by your outfit that you have poor judgement so I'll give you another chance to change my grade or else

Miss Carr; Blair your not crazy enough to risk yale to get back at me.

Blair; I'll get Yale and as for crazy..I fell in love with Chuck Bass try me.


Blair: Look, I don't think you understand.
I don't get second rate grades,
I'm always put first...
excluding the Chuck Bass situation!


Haha Dani no it's not themmm!


I was just looking at the book cover for The Gossip Girl Prequal, It Had to be You and the two girls on it look a lot like Blake and Leighton. Can someone tell me if it is them.


blair : what do you want me to do for you to change my grade?
miss carr : adopt me.


Blair : Aaaaaa,you're so sweet.You really believe that giving me a B is not going to ruin you life.By the way,should I call you miss carr or mister carr?
Miss Carr : What? What are you..
Blair : I think we both know.And if you don't change my grade,everybody else will to.


Blair: I already had my heart broken...I don't want the same happening to your face
Carr: Are you threating me?
Blair: I'm Blair Waldorf...that's threating enough.


Blair: Wow Miss Carr, obsess much?
Miss Carr: What are you talking about?
Blair: Well it says I Love Dan all over your notebook


Blair: I hear you have Benjamin Button Syndrome.
Miss Carr: What? Who told you that? Who would say such a terrible thing?
Blair: Dan Humprey! Oh that's right, you're stealing him away from my best friend aren't you? Oops!


BLAIR: Seriously...?
MISS CARR: What???
BLAIR: You have got to be kidding me!
MISS CARR: Blair, I'm sorry I don't know what your talking about? (LOOKS CONFUSED)
BLAIR: You're carrying a goddamn notebook!!!!

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