Gossip Girl Round Table: "In the Realm of the Basses"

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As fans venture to our In the Realm of the Basses" include memorable quotes, Derena's future, the enigma of Nelly Yuki, and what happened between Jack Bass and Blair ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Blair's reaction to the news of Serena and Dan being back together: "A postcard would have been fine." Only B can be catty one minute and sympathetic the next.

Mister Meester: My favorite has to be Chuck's reasoning for smoking hash - "that it provides a smoother high" than marijuana - an assessment which was met by Jack's subtle nod of approval across the table, no less.

Gossip Guy: Fresh off her terrible fashion plot line, Jenny Humphrey is back in high school and back in my heart. She definitely had some of the best quotes this episode, including when she called Dan out on Serena being nine hotness levels above him... and he agreed! Awesome.

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2. Can Derena's romance survive the love child twist?

DANdy: No. Some things just aren't meant to be.

Mister Meester: You'd think that it could, since they've gotten past her killing some guy, issues with their parents' past, and the cretin that was Aaron Rose. But we're talking about Derena here. S gets weirded out by pretty much anything (and this is actually weird), while D is prone to stubbornness and indignation. They're toast.

Gossip Guy: You kidding me? Their love can't survive a little murder, their parents being former lovers, or a gust of wind. How are they possibly supposed to survive sharing a half-brother?

3. Any final words for Aaron Rose?

Mister Meester: Only a couple of random thoughts: How much must that plane ride have sucked? And did he run into Serena tangoing her brains out, solo, in Buenos Aires dive bars at any point in the three weeks after? That would've been awkward.

Gossip Guy: Who? Kidding. Good riddance.

DANdy: A rose by any other name... would likely be far less annoying.

4. Who does Nelly Yuki think she is?

Gossip Guy: A radically different character than who she was originally introduced as. Why does the nerd suddenly care so much about the cool girls?

DANdy: Based on the stereotype of Asian nerds the show has played to, I'd assume Nelly thinks she's a bad driving math whiz.

Mister Meester: A surprisingly conniving, manipulative b!tch. Her geekiness was just a front, who knew? Those glasses probably aren't even prescription! P.S. Did anyone else want to at least know what the collegiate party was?


5. What happened - and what will happen - between Blair and Jack?

Gossip Guy: What happened? It sounds even gross just typing it, but I think they did the nasty for sure. What will happen? Jack Bass will learn that there's one person you do not cross in the UES and live to tell about it... Ms. Blair Waldorf.

DANdy: They dared to watch Carson Daly on New Year's Eve. Once they realize that he no longer has a talk show they can bond over, however, Black will fade to... black.

Mister Meester: I would like to think Jack merely discovered Blair's eating disorder on New Year's, but I fear she may have hooked an older Bass, if you know what I mean (sex). As for what will happen next, here's hoping Chair joins forces to rid their lives (and Bass Industries) of this shady character.


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well ı dont wanna believe that blair slept with jack bass,it would be so low!!yes we see chuck with the girls around but blaır wouldnt do that.and ı am just wondering where the hell nate is.i mean chuck is his bff,but we didnt see him around.he should be helping


what bugs me about this show is that it has no continuity between episodes. everything always changes from one week to another. i believe this happens because every episode is written and directed by different people than the previous. anyway... if they hooked up blair with jackass they must be out of their mind and trying their best to ruin this show


jack is definately blackmailing blair, but i think that it has nothing to do with them sleeping together...since when did they even hang out? i could be wrong, but maybe the editors did that just to cover up an even bigger secret!


Maybe Blair's eating disorder is back, Jack found out she's asking him not to tell Chuck; but, he tells him they hooked up instead? Blair is ashamed of the truth and says it's true just so no one will know about her own problems?


And seriously Josh...how about you address your fans and give them a friggin' glimpse of hope that GG won't turn out like the OC?


Perhaps what happened on New Year's was Blair made a deal with Jack to find Chuck and now that he's done that she has to deliver. Jack could tell Chuck this which could prompt his response that Blair wouldn't touch Jack. I really really hope that Blair didn't hook up with Jack already - seriously GG writers how much more do you expect us to take!!!!!


Jack's role from now on will be screwing Chuck over in every possible way. I think Chuck trusts him only for about 10 minutes of the next episode and then realizes what a jerk the uncle is. In fact in the 3rd episode of the year, he finds an ally in the war against Jack. Also, Jack isn't on that much longer...I think his is a multi episode stint, like Georgina's...basically to stir up trouble.


I don't think she would sleep with him so that he doesn't tell Chuck she slept with him on New Years...talk about adding insult to injury. She's not stupid.
Also..I don't think she would have sex with Jack Bass just so that he helps find Chuck. She could have enlisted anyone else for that and I really think Jack Bass's attitude towards Chuck only really changes after he finds out he gets zilch from his own brother. I read a rumor that Chuck's mom might not be dead. It's from Ausiello...kinda stupid if they did that but I wonder if maybe this has to do with that. Who knows? At this pt, I've recovered slightly from last night's episode and can't wait til we get a preview..hopefully one with CHAIR.


I will be sooo mad if Jack and Blair get together! That guy just oozes jack ass.


*seriously josh..

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