Gossip Girl Spinoff Announced For Real!

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The juiciest story right now is what happened way back when.

Putting the longstanding (and not-happening) rumors to rest, the CW has ordered a pilot for a Los Angeles-set Gossip Girl spinoff, E! News confirmed Wednesday.

The new venture from Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage is not, however, going to be a by-the-book look at Taylor Momsen's rebellious character, Jenny Humphrey, as was speculated for several months.

Instead, they have opted for an original story about Lily van der Woodsen and surely scandalous teen years growing up in the 1980s.

Future Mrs. Bass

Gossip Girl's May 11 episode will reportedly serve as what is referred to as a "backdoor pilot" for the spin-off, introducing the younger Lily via flashbacks.

A new hot-young-thang will play Lily (maiden name Rhodes), who moves in with her black-sheep sister after a falling-out with her folks, going from a ritzy Montecito, Calif., boarding school to a public school in the San Fernando Valley.

Per the CW's release, "Caught between two worlds, Lily dives into the fast-paced Sunset Strip and the Hollywood lifestyle of the 1980s, journeying over the hill to a world of wealth and excess that used to be her own."

Eventually she'll meet a young Rufus Humphrey, who will at some point impregnate her.

"We didn't want to upset the chemistry of our cast — all of whom are crucial to the show," Savage said of creating a show that won't require the presence of the main Gossip Girl cast. "Nor did we want to dilute New York City as a character."

"We are inspired by the opportunity to tell overlapping stories and introduce characters that will appear in the past and the present, and hopefully enrich both shows," added Schwartz.

"We love exploring fashion, pop culture, music and a heightened world that's just a little more fun than the one we actually live in. L.A. in the '80s totally fits the bill."

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ggrecaps is right. Just remember....we where once you and YOU will be us...believe it or not..although I am not as old as Rufus and Lilly I think it is a great concept...and some of you are right, it might be for some of us "older" people. Think of it this way for some of you more selfish GG fans...They may dump the Rufus/Lilly storyline on GG in lieu of having the new show!


To VictoriaLovesCHair, I think both shows will be showing because Gossip Girl has been renewed for a third season... I'm actually anxious to see "Valley Girls". Lily seems so dry at times, so it will be different to see her wild side. GG Rocks... and so will VG! I know it.


Oh, this is like a joke. I mean it will do nothing but decrease the ratings and all. Bad for Gossip Girl's reputation. GG's fans are incredible but hey, no need to spoil it to get more money out of that.


I think they should do a spinoff and have it exactly like the books. The show is nothing like them. They got everything wrong and doing a Lilly/Rufus spinoff is even stupider. New York is a huge part of Gossip Girl and now not only will it be almost 30 years ago, but it wont even be New York anymore. This show isn't going to suceed.


i don't know about u guys, but im a little disapointed. i like lily, but i was really hoping the spinoff would be about georgina. Who needs another show about a beatiful, sweet rich girl in California? The CW needs something more edgy than that, and georgina's edgy, she practically sociopathic.


Rufus and Lily are so sweet. It will be good to see what happened.


Yeah instead they should make a spin off about Chuck and Blair when they are twenty or something... NOW I WOULD WATCH THAT! Lol But seriously this show might be an utter complete failure.


BOOOOOOORRRRRRIGG!! Lily & Rufus = SNOOZE!!!!! And now they're making a show for them!!!??
They could have picked any two people on the show and done
they're spin-off, but they chose THOSE two!!! W.T.F?? SOOOO NOT A GOOD IDEA.


i think the spinoff will be interesting..........


I was wondering how the 'younger crowd' who watch this show religiously would take this...and I'm not surprised. As an older woman with 2 kids of my own, it's not even Lily and Rufus that keeps ME interested in the show...COME ON! The problem I have is that they want to put the pilot on INSTEAD of GG on May 11th. That is a waste of good Gossiping Time! Either they need to break Lily and Rufus up to keep their drama interesting, or seriously, give them their own show to prove that US, the viewers are right. We'd still love GG without them!

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