Gossip Girl Spoilers: New Love For Serena?

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We aren't sure how much of this is set in stone and how much is just speculation, but Gossip Girl appears to be auditioning actors for the role of Gabriel Serrano.

Gabriel is said to be handsome, with a sexy accent; A worldly fellow who runs with the fast, socialite crowd and is either European, South American or Australian.

Interestingly, he and Serena van der Woodsen have some sort of relationship, which won't help things with Dan - if he's even in the picture when Gabriel arrives.

What's even more interesting is that footage of a young actor, Jonas Fisch, auditioning for the role has surfaced online. Here's a look at him reading for the part:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/jonas-fisch-auditioning-for-gabriel/" title="Jonas Fisch Auditioning For Gabriel"] [/video]

No word on whether this guy has actually been cast in the role, but either way, it sounds like Gabriel and Serena have some interesting dialogue coming up!

Gabriel is set to debut on the show around the 20th episode of Season Two ("Carrnal Knowledge" is the 17th). Follow the jump for another audition clip ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/jonas-fisch-auditioning-for-gabriel-2/" title="Jonas Fisch Auditioning For Gabriel #2"] [/video]

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You knows what'll happen! In the end it is always going to be serena, blair, nate, dan, and chuck, jenny, and vanessa. Maybe this guy won't be here for very long. And dan and serena are boring me! They need a new scandalous plot line. Why does Blair and chuck always get the bad spells. There needs to be more good Chair scenes and bad heartbreaking Derena scenes to keep the show alive!
I love Derena but they need more tearful moments just like Chair has!


I agree with Jolie... it's an interesting audition... obviously not the actual flesh, blood and bones Gabriel... He's attractive
I rather see someone unexpected than someone expected... I prefer adventurous to assuming


jollie, you're so so sooo stupid.. how come you still alive??


This guy could be interesting, and he beats the hell out of that loser Aaron Rose. Dan is and always has been a colossal bore (plus he's unattractive physically). Let's let Dan, Rufus, Lily and Vanessa get run over by a bus and bring in some fresh, interesting new blood.


Not VERY good-looking. Not a great actor, either. Give it to Serena. > : D


who the hell said it was for blair...
he clearly said SERENA in the diologue


I think the character is Spanish, or is pretending to be. Spain has a King, and Marquesa is a Spanish title (I don't think Spain grants titles any more, but it's a joke anyway).


needless to say, he's much more interesting than the typical cliche... I can see where he could take it, create suspense, excitement and stir things around, which he's obviously already doing... I like it!


kk, no to dan and serena 4 obv reasons
but lik this guy......
not feelin it
hopefully this is just one of the MANY auditions
and they choose a King fit for a queen

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