Gossip Girl Spoilers: New Love For Serena?

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We aren't sure how much of this is set in stone and how much is just speculation, but Gossip Girl appears to be auditioning actors for the role of Gabriel Serrano.

Gabriel is said to be handsome, with a sexy accent; A worldly fellow who runs with the fast, socialite crowd and is either European, South American or Australian.

Interestingly, he and Serena van der Woodsen have some sort of relationship, which won't help things with Dan - if he's even in the picture when Gabriel arrives.

What's even more interesting is that footage of a young actor, Jonas Fisch, auditioning for the role has surfaced online. Here's a look at him reading for the part:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/jonas-fisch-auditioning-for-gabriel/" title="Jonas Fisch Auditioning For Gabriel"] [/video]

No word on whether this guy has actually been cast in the role, but either way, it sounds like Gabriel and Serena have some interesting dialogue coming up!

Gabriel is set to debut on the show around the 20th episode of Season Two ("Carrnal Knowledge" is the 17th). Follow the jump for another audition clip ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/jonas-fisch-auditioning-for-gabriel-2/" title="Jonas Fisch Auditioning For Gabriel #2"] [/video]

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I'm sorry , maybe I missed something, but how is it possible that this dialogue is referred to Blair when Gabriel says " You could meet the King. I could have him find a title for you. Marchesa. Marchesa Serena". It seems pretty obvious to me that he is speaking to Serena. Did everyone recognise the accent? "marchesa" is an Italian word (marchioness), but maybe he is saying Marquise (in French)? Surely his accent does not seem Italian to me... and believe me, I know (whish you could hear me speak...)! And a King? There are no places in Europe where you speak Italian or French that still have a King... hhmm, maybe he's from Africa or the Middle East?
Anyway, I don't think either that he is the cause for Dan and Serena breaking up, because in the second clip he he says that he doesn't want her to be with him and she (Serena) answers "he's a friend". So maybe they already split when Serena meets Gabriel? Or do you think the two dialogues are from two different episodes?


no chair this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( c said the most beau to the nanny in a new sneak!!!!!
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the guy s a total bore....y arent they looking for some good looking people....he will b of no use n the show.......hate him!


Acting was so-so... but he's HOT!


I think when you have him in GG setting he might be pretty good!


i am really creeped out by him.


He actually reads this part pretty well. Watching people audition is always so awkward. I'm excited for this, Dan needs to see what he's going to miss if he blows things with Serena, which he's going to do if he keeps whining like a baby about everything.


the worst thing that could be he says s but those are different scenes probably ds wedding .
It's for Blair because only she would be interested in meeting the king and getting titles.maybe the saying "I love you" in her sleep would have been a reference to Chuck. And perhaps this guy's personality is a lot like C's, seeing as how he's arrogant. The fight where he sees her with another guy might be as late as 24, since they often mix and match epis 4 a long guest arc.G is behind this guy wanting to be with B in the first place.
sides decribed as "social crown""from south america".in the sides always have acts of 5 epi.remember s was in south america.i think he’ll be introduced by s after the train scene .Bc the first interaction is b because she doesn't know him.Savage told us"g has unfinished bussness with b"that makes me wonder that probably will be like a "jack" but this time for b.Remember savage said"c and b are equals".So for now c is lossing because his insecurities made loose b in 2x15.thinking he will mess it up.So with g around.her fantasies of "always and forever".Control everything and this guy in the video offering a "chance"a trip saying they will meet"the king and probably a title marquessa"fits in her perfect world.i have the feeling this is how it goes:
B’ll choose gabriel because fits and but knowing g(revenge)something tells me b’ll end at 2x25 alone like c at2x15.as parallell just when c grows up and get some responability and ready to commit.josh loves cliff.What will happen over the summer when c was ready?Did c will find a gf in the meantime?.Does b learn about the mistake over the summer?
So after 17 guess:cb’ll become close in 25 b’ll screw her chances with c because b's insecurities and fantasies will make her choose gabri wants a“chance�.He tells her he wants a real shot and wants a trip over the summer probably stood her up and it’ll be a tramp c’ll say "i'm done"and cliff.
nb is related to vanderbilt.is a fake relationship because n's grandfather has influencies over yale and doesn't approve v.maybe he offers inneritance if he is worthy and b’ll have the chance of yale.SO THEY FAKE.

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