Gossip Girl Spoilers: New Love For Serena?

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We aren't sure how much of this is set in stone and how much is just speculation, but Gossip Girl appears to be auditioning actors for the role of Gabriel Serrano.

Gabriel is said to be handsome, with a sexy accent; A worldly fellow who runs with the fast, socialite crowd and is either European, South American or Australian.

Interestingly, he and Serena van der Woodsen have some sort of relationship, which won't help things with Dan - if he's even in the picture when Gabriel arrives.

What's even more interesting is that footage of a young actor, Jonas Fisch, auditioning for the role has surfaced online. Here's a look at him reading for the part:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/jonas-fisch-auditioning-for-gabriel/" title="Jonas Fisch Auditioning For Gabriel"] [/video]

No word on whether this guy has actually been cast in the role, but either way, it sounds like Gabriel and Serena have some interesting dialogue coming up!

Gabriel is set to debut on the show around the 20th episode of Season Two ("Carrnal Knowledge" is the 17th). Follow the jump for another audition clip ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/jonas-fisch-auditioning-for-gabriel-2/" title="Jonas Fisch Auditioning For Gabriel #2"] [/video]

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whoah. that second comment. someone should stop using an online translater.

Lara i love blake lively

NOOOOOOO serena is supposed to be with dan!!!! :(:(:(
she just had that idiot aaron now him! NONO
i bet he is like someone from her past who has come back


@ Brooke's post : LMAOOO!!! and i totally agree!


wow....he actually really bothers me..i dont know if its his accent or if its just him. but i think if does end up with serena im going to cringe just like i did when she dated that major loser aaron!


It's for Blair because only she would be interested in meeting the king and getting titled. And maybe the saying "I love you" in her sleep would have been a reference to Chuck. And perhaps this guy's personality is a lot like Chuck's, seeing as how he's arrogant. The fight where he sees her with another guy might be as late as 24, since they often mix and match episodes for a long guest arc. And maybe Georgina is behind this guy wanting to be with Blair in the first place.
gabriel is definited a social crown....totally b's fantasies...i bet is g's set up in a interview of second half of season 2 savage says g come back to help s but has unfinished bussness with b revenge...and the cb are equals and c messed up now is b...so the sentence u will met the king is all in b's fantasys and fits with commit perfect world,guy,
totally c ready for commit but b will eff like c did in 2x15 so the cliff is now that c is ready and b went away alone because it was a tramp ..c will get a girlfriend!!
if they do that i just stop watching this because is a wasted of time because this sl for 25 episodes is lame just to say cb are equal whatever we want them together as a couple and saying b boyfriend and c won't has fears about that
well the guest are usually for mains and that number of a main so is s or b.And they usually change the names in gg sides.And he is described as crown social of the ues a king and he talks arrongant and he wants a chance an commit and he say he is jealous and talks about titles and marquesse
well they did it in a lot of cast of side.they change a side when rufus ask to the woman of the adoption in 2x15 they change rufus with father.and in some more sides look previous sides they change on purpose
i a lot of casting sides they change on purpose the name that the actor is talking with.And in gossip girl they always do that .And look how the actor stops and laught and smiles when he says serena.And if she can't go because a "friend" is because she doesn't tell dan and b has lack of comunication with chuck.So is blair and i think is a tramp because he leaves at 24.So for sure b will mess it up and we won't get cb as real couple till season 3.And if that is the case i quit because at least we deserve them together and with the name couple officially.I will that mad if at the end of the season they aren't a real couple


Serena gets all the hot guys
Leave it to Blair, she needs a good one after so many downs

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