Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Wish You Were Here"

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While fans gather in our Wish You Were Here" Round Table include this week's scenes with Denny, Mark and Little Grey, Cristina and Meredith's feud, and George's continued absence ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: The exchange between Mark and Callie, as they came up with the mission for their self-help group. I especially laughed at Mark saying he had to write down their one rule.

missingBurke: Mark's was heart-to-heart with Callie was great - those two may have the better chemistry, even though Mark's best line - his defenses being worn down by Lexie's nakedness - pertained to a relationship with someone else. Hopefully there's a future for Callie and Mark - if only as BFFs / support group co-founders!

iheartizzie: In an odd choice, I'm taking Alex's various, nonchalant reactions to Izzie's revelations about Denny. Sort of sums up many fans' take on the whole storyline.

A Lexie Grey Photo

2. Will Mark and Lexie sleeping together end badly? Or very badly?

iheartizzie: Very badly. Chyler Leigh is pregnant. Think about it. If they can write in a ghost lover for Izzie, surely the writers can work this real-life event into the plot.

McCritic: Very badly. Lexie is putting on a facade. She may be mind-blowing in bed, as Mark mentioned on more than one occasion, but this gal is all about long-term relationships, not short-term reverse cowboys.

missingBurke: Badly. I actually like these two as a couple, but at some point, they're going to want very different things ... and Derek is going to find out.

3. Who will take the first step toward reconciliation, Meredith or Cristina?

missingBurke: To be honest, I can't recall what exactly they're fighting about, which is actually fairly true to life when it comes to disputes among friends. It would take a Hurculean effort on Cristina's part, but I'd like to see Yang be the one to mend fences.

McCritic: Neither. It looks like the emerging tandem of Derek and Hunt will eventually intervene to bring their significant others back together, if only to make their own lives easier.

iheartizzie: Both are stubborn, but I'm going with Mer. There's less of a Grey area when it comes to expressing her emotions. Cristina wants her person back but doesn't know how to go about it; Mer will put herself out there and extend the olive branch.

4. On an eye-rolling scale of 1-10, rate your reaction to this episode's use of Denny.

McCritic: 12. I was annoyed enough by the simple fact that A GHOST IS THE MOST PROMINENT STORY LINE ON THE SHOW. But now Izzie's admission of her visions has officially taken the edge off of Alex. He doesn't care that she fantasizes about her late true love? Really?!?

iheartizzie: 6. This crap has gone on far too long, but at least they put Denny in a really awkward position, watching Alex go to town on his girl. Perhaps being shown up in such fashion will cause this handsome spirit to simply disappear into the afterlife from whence it came.

missingBurke: 8. I'll suspend reality for the sake of entertainment, but can we move it along? We've known about Izzie's condition for-freaking-ever. Her diagnosis, and what happens after, is the only thing left to watch. Yet it never comes.

5. More in need of a story line: Meredith/Derek or George?

iheartizzie: This season has been lacking on the MerDer front, but that's not necessarily bad... at least one or both are prominently featured on most episodes. George, though? He pretty much hasn't been heard from since passing his intern exam.

missingBurke: This week gave us some solid MerDer strife, which Derek at least confronted at the end. Even if there's not a lot of wild passion in every episode, these two are coming into their own as a couple, I think. As for George, I keep waiting for him to suddenly announce he got an offer from Mercy West that he couldn't refuse.

McCritic: George. I'm glad to see Meredith and Derek finally acting like a normal, boring couple. George O'Malley, however, is probably missing that case of Syphilis right about now. At least it gave him something to do.

Has anyone seen this man? Call the Missing Persons Hotline if so.

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I agree with you completely Rory. No more George. And Callie.


George don't need a storyline. He needs to go. No more George O malley. There's nothing missing on the show w/o him.


Maybe the serial killer could do Denny in...again...finally...please


I'm starting to give the denny storyline a little slack, as long as there is no more having sex with a dead guy, everything would make sense! she's obviously seriously sick. This last episode really changed my view on this storyline. I'm starting to like it. But i think George is gonna step in and say something about Izzie's sickness soon enough, if Alex doesn't wake up and quit being so self absorbed. The mer-xtina thing is sorda stupid, although mer's comment about how surgery comes natural really pumped me up on that storyline as well. this season is getting back up on the ratings!


I adore the character of Arizona Robbins and she was only present for two episodes. I think the friction between she and Bailey was well written and something the show's writers might have originally intended to write for Erica Hahn and failed to achieve. I wouldn't mind her taking on a more permanent role. Sara Ramirez once again performs brilliantly; I hope for our sakes she reconsiders leaving the show and continues her role as Callie.


dunno how badly mark/lexie will pan out, but i got the worst baddest most horrible feeling of doom about callie's perspective on sadie. sadie has done nothing overt to show she is attracted to callie. callie has got her eyes on the prize and is currently getting blindsided by alcohol and lust. i sense disasterous embarrassment ahead. chewing on the straw was a stroke of genius, sara ramirez.


People that must leave the show: Lexie (Less interesting character ever), Sadie. Couples that don't match: Izzie/Denny's Ghost, Izzie/Alex (but they are improving lately and I LIKED A LOT ALEX'S REACTION), Mark/Lexie, George/Loneliness, Callie/Sadie. And I have to say this, but it wouldn't be too bad if the chief leaves the hospital..... His character is now extremely boring and it would be great to see Bailey as the new chief. Mark and Callie HAVE to be together as a couple and Lexie HAS to go...... I don't know what is happening to Meredith's look..... she looks like 50. I think it is the hair.... this season she looks extremely old and maybe that is why in episode 5x12 they give her a baby girl haircut. The best of this season: Owen/Christina, the new murderer, the new kid, maybe the new doctor (I loved how she closed Bailey's mouth), Mark/Callie's friendship, MerDer.


I really hope Dr. George O'Malley is found REALLY soon!


ilovecallie-- i am speechless-- do you really hate Mer? everyone is entitled to their opinion, i guess, but this one seems WAY out there! that's just CRAZY!!! Mer is awesome! i am really looking forward to next week and what happens with pdr guy. he seems very people smart and like he has Mer figured out and i'm a bit worried about Mer... anyway... McCritic, iheartizzie & missingburke---
that missing person milk carton pic is hilarious! LOL! thanks for putting a double smile on my face for this and for posting the clip of Der dancing-- i'm all sorts of fired up about next week's epi!!! is there anyone else out there that feels sorry for Izzie? I know everyone's sick of the dead Denny storyline, but Alex is so self-absorbed that he can't even acknowledge that something's wrong with her and he's supposed to be the one who cares most about her? no way. They are not believable as a couple at all. She's so happy at this moment, but that is soon going to come crashing down around her... and she will have to say goodbye to Denny forever. I know that will make many fans happy, but right now Denny is the only one really connecting with her. She is lonely. At some point George will have to stop giving Alex space and be there for her.


I am a huge MerDer fan so my favorite scene was at the end when Derek told Meredith about his father then started to dance no matter how dorky it was.
I for one, hate the whole Denny thing. I wouldn't mind it if he was in the odd dream or even fantasy but this is overboard. Hurry up and tell us about Izzie's disease or what ever it is already. And then there's Alex's reaction to all of it. Seriously!
I love Callie and Mark as friends and nothing more.I like George but don't really care if he stays or not. He's been getting so little air time that I have lost intrest in him.
I am enjoying Meredith and Cristinas fight. I think it's raw and real. They have never got in to a serious fight and that just doesn't happen. I think that Derek and Owen are going to step in and make them talk and work things out (eventually).
If I could get rid of one person on Grey's it would be Sadie. What is the point of her? She's just Meredith's ex-best friend and I want her gone.

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