Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Derek's Past

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Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has a brief tidbit on what happens in the upcoming Private Practice / Grey's Anatomy crossover event in his spoiler Q&A today.

Here's what he says is on tap:

Q: What is the cast of Private Practice going to do over at Grey's Anatomy?

A: Filling Meredith's pretty little head with shocking stories about Derek's early days ** * **********. And believe me, that's not a good thing. Funny? Yes. Good? No.

Can you fill in the blanks? In a fraternity, perhaps?

On a similar note, Matt Mitovich of TV Guide also says Derek's past will be touched upon in these episodes, as Addison, her brother Archer, and perhaps even Sam and Naomi (from their medical school days) share a history with McDreamy as well.

What do you think will be revealed - and how will it play out with Meredith?

A Hot Date

Who was McDreamy before he was McDreamy?

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does anyone else feel like "fan of the show" is a real life luna lovegood? shes weird and we dont have ONE friggin clue what shes going on about unless you have read the 5th harry potter book you won't know what i'm talking, either.


The blanks could be "In A __________" And I have the feeling that the blank is a 10 letter word that means something similar to Band. and in, we know that Derek played the saxaphone in high school, and according to that gets brought up again in this weeks episode. Any ideas?

To the max



the cross show,, in my opinion is a very good boost. I think that Addison will give Meredith some pointers like before. Nontheless, Meredith better not say Nooo


wow! i'm on grey's anatomy insider!
how cool is that!
ok, hope i do this at least ok...
So, can't wait for thursday! I think it's really exciting to have grey's and private practice together again,
is it going to be a longer version, since they skipped it last week? sure hope so


fan of the show please go get some help you have some serious issues
thank you


jessie-- if you're saying my telling fan of the show to shut up is awkward-- I totally agree! But the storyline suggestions given by fan of the show are getting somewhat offensive.


That's kinda... awkward, seriously.


fan of the show ---
I do not like any of your ideas. Some don't make too much sense. All are WAY OUT THERE. Sorry, I think you are having some fun with this, but PLEASE STOP! Especially with the references to gay/lesbian storylines, black/racial storylines, abortion storylines AND most of all, MerDer being doomed childless!!! I am not interested in rushing them straight through engagement, marriage and onto babies. I want to watch them go through it all, as it comes, enjoying the crazy ride. But proposing that they are doomed to never have babies??? PLEASE, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Addition to rockers ideas: Young Sheperd could fall in love With girl cascader. He could complain about family curse all Shepeherds becomes medical doctors. She could say that she is witch and could unspell him. She will get pregnant by him.Cascaders will blow a campus building in medical college and will want to pick him back in their troop.
Sheperd will get accustomed to medical college and will refuse to follow his girlfriend. She will curse him to have no more children
and will tell him that the last Shepherd will be her son and he will be actor not medical doctors.
After 17 years she and her son could show at the house of the childless MerDer couple and get acquainted.

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Meredith (closing voiceover)

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