More Volume Four Spoilers: Naughtyy Nathan!

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As fans wait four more weeks for Heroes to return with its fourth volume (set to premiere on February 2), Kristin Dos Santos from E! Online has revealed a pair of spoilers for "Fugitives."

Here's a look at what the television columnist has to report:

  • Nathan will immediately grow close to the president, thanks to his inside information about his former friends; speaking of power, remember how it corrupts absolutely? Well, Nathan has gone very bad. Among the first people he sells out? A certain icy blonde.
  • Hiro and Ando are getting a lair!
Nathan and Tracy

Nathan's relationship with Tracy started out well. It might not end that way.

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I think that if Tracy dies, it would be a bit unrealistic to introduce Baabra into the show. I mean, its as if Ali Larter can't be finished off-not saying I dislike her, I think shes a really good actress, but its a bit strange how if Tracy dies, they'll magically introduce Baabra and some other storyline....


i think im sick of ali larter having like 5000 roles on heroes. so far, she has been nikki AND tracey. thats a lot.


I think Tracey will be killed trying to protect Micah on the plane (from the behind the scenes stuff we know she's on the plane) after we saw her soften a little when she met him in volume 3. I'm not sure how she'll die but I think it'll pave the way to bring Barbara in and for her to kick some butt. I think Barbara will be a goog guy/gal but will hopefully have some awesome power.


I'll bet Tracy'll get but Barbara will be the one who ends up saving the day or something like that. I hope she has a really cool power!


Remember that just because they kill off Tracey that doesn't mean that Ali Larter has to leave the show. Barbara is still out there somewhere.


They better not just kill off the only sex appeal on this show. There is still so much potential for Ali Larters character. She is soo Hot! Please stick with the Skirts.


i bet that tracy will betray nathan, and then after a make-out session, he will kill her. i just hope he doesnt die though, for peters sake.

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