Noureen Dewulf Dishes on 90210 Role

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Noureen Dewulf kicks off her two-episode arc on 90210 next week.

What role will the actress portray on the series?

"I play Nika Raygani, who is a student at West Beverly Hills High," Dewulf said. "Nika and Navid meet at a house party and form an instant connection after his friends Dixon and Christina help him approach her."

Noureen Dewulf

Tell us more about your character, Noureen:

"Nika is a sweet character who is also of Iranian heritage like Navid, so they have a lot in common. She gets caught up in some drama though so I guess we shall see where she ends up!"

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Noureen Dewoulf is not great...not even close. Her acting needs a lot of work. It was painful watching her in ghost of gf past. I felf embarrassed for her. 90210 was bad as well :(


ok..I've watched episode 16 where Noureen enters the picture and sorry to say but I don't like her. I don't like her even more when she hooked up with Navid. I'm all for Navid and Ade always!! Navid is already looking at Ade differently after her TV announcement at school and I hope he'll get his senses back and grab Ade while he still has the chance! Ade's different now and she really needs Navid now that Ty's a jerk about the whole thing.

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