Olivia Wilde Previews Foreteen Relationship

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In the mood for a few House spoilers?

Olivia Wilde, who portrays the controversial Thirteen on the show, recently spoke to TVAddict.com about her character's relationship with Foreman on the show.

Here are excerpts of the interview:

Did the Thirteen/Foreman relationship take you by surprise?
It’s pretty cool, they’re a very sexy and kind of unpredictable pair. And I say that because the characters are not very similar other then the fact that they’re both very private, very independent and very professional. So for them to come together was a shock to me. Although, when I look back now and see how the writer’s were sprinkling hints in, I’m now like …”Oh, if I had been paying more attention I would have seen that coming.”

Can you spill a little on what is in store for the twosome?
Without giving any of the good stuff away because of course people want to be surprised, the coupling ends up helping one of us and hurting the other, making things very very complicated for both of us and maybe giving House a run for his money.

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