The Secret Life of the American Teenager Spoilers: Back to Band Camp

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Season two of Life of the American Teenager just kicked off last night with "The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager," in which Ben and Amy got married.  But what else does season two have in store for us?

According to Korbi TV, we're going to see the site of the infamous one night stand between Amy and Rick when the kids all travel back to band camp.  We can't wait!

Shailene Woodley as Amy Juergens
Daren Kagasoff as Ricky Underwood

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When does the season three come out of the Secret life of the American Teenager??? Im juss dying to buy it. =D


I feel that Ben should move on and realize that this is not what he really wants. He will have been "cheated" out of first time experiences and there is too much drama for those young hearts. He does not seem pleased when holding the baby. I would like to see, Ricky and Amy get together, they have a lot to learn from each other. I would like to see Jack & Adrian together. I think they would offset each other nicely. As for Grace, she is a big fish in a small pond. She should seek outside the circle, start fresh, new "meat".


Ben is the BIGGEST dork i think i have ever seen!!!!
For goodness sakes, he is only fiftenn what does he know about love and raising a baby that doesn't even belong to him!!! He's just gonna end up hurting Amy and the baby in the long-run!!!
CLEARLY Ricky is the right choice, i mean whatever happens he is the baby of the child so he can't just decide to bail out on her, right?!? And he is WAY cuter than Ben by FAR, and when i say far i mean REALLY REALLY FAR! ehhugh! Tenagers make me wanna BARF- right LOVE at fifteen- I think i might need a bucket!!!!!

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