Who is Adrianna's Baby's Daddy?

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While Tori Spelling's impending return to 90210 is certainly exciting, it's not the most pressing issue on the minds of fans.

We learned this week that Adrianna is pregnant.

Who is the father? Television columnist Korbi (from Zap2It) makes it rather obvious. In her latest Q&A, she responds to that question with:

Someone we know. Someone we haven't seen in a while. Someone who's super hot.

Gotta be Ty, right? Interestingly, he's played by Jessica Lowndes real-life boyfriend Adam Gregory - and he's confirmed to return to the show in the near future.

Hot Ty

Did Ty and Adrianna share a night of unprotected passion?

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it's def navid's.. or aleeast that what i heard.. i cant wait to see..


Adrianna said it wasn't Navid's baby but one of the episode plot summaries calls Navid the "baby daddy". So I'm confused about who the father is.


Whoo bring back Ty! He's going to be in episode 14, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I also seriously doubt that Ty and Adrianna slept together, not recently anyway. So my guesses for the baby's daddy would probably be George or the Hank person from rehab that Adrianna keeps talking about. Maybe they'll introduce him as a new character?


Steven is so right in calling annie as hog faced.if there is one character on the show that irritates me the most its her, she is sooo fake, acts like she is always right,and filled with self pity, OMG am not fashionable, omg i know sean is fake but i am in dilemma how to tell my dad, or how do i tell naomi about ethan and me. Its all so fake. advice from me. get a life you are not the only one who faces problems and tackles them.!!!!!!


I don't care about Tori Spelling returning I want more Shannen Doherty. I guess I will just skip the episodes Tori/Donna is in unless they get Shannen Doherty/Brenda to be in them also. Brenda & Dylan were the best couple.....


In my opinion
Dylan and kelly
Was a way better couple




"They need to improve their writing skills." Thank you! This show has just gotten sooooo cliche. I mean every teenage show is like this... and they are using all of their good plot turners in the first season. They need to get rid of that hog-faced Annie and bring Adrianna on a lot more. Also, since they are doing Antony and Cleopatera (sp?), if Annie gets the lead role I am going to be very mad. Adrianna would look sooooo much better as that part. Seriously. 100%.


to El Cheeks and Linda Marie.I agree with you 100% and i hope that Brenda adopts the baby and Donna please is she really nessary at this pont (NO)Lol if anything bring B.A.G(Brian Astin Green back pleace hes hot and needs to get rid of Megan Fox.


Who gives a rats ass about Tori Spelling.They need to improve their writing skills & give the fans what they really want.Brenda & Dylan as a couple along with Brandon & Kelly.

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