90210 Round Table: "Of Heartbreaks and Hotels"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest episode.

Our topics from the show include Ethan's reaction, Silver's tattoo and Naomi's mistake...

Will Ethan forgive Annie?
BrendaLova: I hope not. It may not be Annie's fault, but the girl has less depth than a kiddie pool. Follow your new, profound instincts, Ethan.

The Real McKay: Yeah, absolutely.  If he wasn't going to, he would have broken up with her.  If we learned anything from the brief glimpse we saw of Ethan's relationship with Naomi, he loves the drama in relationships.

Wild4Wilds: Yes. Is what she did so much worse than what Rhonda did, milking her injuries for attention?

Silver's tattoo: A sweet sign of love, or a scary sign of crazy?
The Real McKay: OMG! A sign of crazy!  Poor Dixon.  Now you can never break up with her.  You had your chance, man.

: Let's put it this way, Dixon. Three new words should replace "I love you" in your vocabulary: Run. Away. Quickly.

BrendaLova: A sweet sign of love. Sure, Silver is a little bit insane. But isn't that what made Dixon fall for her in the first place? It would be hypocritical to get scared and leave now.

Has Naomi ruined her chance with Liam?
Wild4Wilds: I doubt it. Based on all the hype Matt Lanter has received for his role, I can't see Liam going anywhere but into Naomi's bed.

BrendaLova: She's ruined her chance to do him on a bar. But in the janitor's closet? Count on it!

The Real McKay
: No way.  Liam is the new Dillon McKay.  He has to date the pretty hot girl at some point.

Who did you miss more, Debbie or Ryan?
BrendaLova: Must I choose?!? The show is uglier without Debbie on it, but less cool without Ryan on it.

The Real McKay: You know, I honestly didn't even notice there were no adults in this episode till you brought that up.  Can I choose Tabitha if I have to miss an adult?

Wild4Wilds: Debbie. She should be required to have sex with Harry in the back of a car every episode.

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Will Ethan forgive Annie?
Possibly, but if he does they will probably stay friends. He needs to move on. Silver's tattoo: A sweet sign of love, or a scary sign of crazy?
CRAZY! I think Dixon's expressions spoke it all. WTF. Has Naomi ruined her chance with Liam?
Probably not, judging by the promos for the next episode I'm pretty sure she will be given a second chance with the hottie. ;] Who did you miss more, Debbie or Ryan?
RRRYYAAANNN! He has to be one of my top favorite character.


I loved the episode it was well writen once agin Annie not so much. I loved that Dixion and Silver went there but the tat as crazy writen all over it. As for the whole Laim and Naomi thing no she didnt blow it but i doubt she will be abel to handel it he seems to live in the fast lane as we see from the next Ep. Navid and Andrennia back on Kewl now keep it that way..