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All My Children Wedding Receives Mainstream Coverage

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Bianca and Reese are officially married on All My Children.

But daytime's first-ever gay wedding didn't go off without a hitch from certain organizations.

As Eden Riegel - who portrays Bianca - told CNN: "When my character did first come out of the closet, there was a lot of negative reaction."

Reese and Bianca

Sadly, some of that has continued. Said Glenn Stanton, of the group Focus on the Family:

"I think it is really important to understand that there are a lot of things that people don't really want to see and don't want coming into their homes, and lesbian weddings are certainly one of them."

However, gay and lesbian groups hailed the televised wedding as a victory.

"It's reality," said Neil Giuliano, president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). "So when we see a lesbian couple getting married on daytime drama, it simply reflects what's happening in the real world."

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I think that Beyonca And Reese were a very nice couple,but what Reese did with Beyonca was very very wrong. I am sad that Beyonca is leaving back to Paris with full custoty of Gabrielle.
I still think that what Beyonca is doing is not very right,because Reese still has a right to see her daughter. No matter how hurt or sad she made Beyonca. I just wish they were happily in love. Well we don't ever know ona soap opra.


This wedding was nothing but one big joke on the Gay and Lesbian community. It is going to end in an annullment in a couple of weeks. Because of a hack of a writer(Charles Pratt Jr), he has made one of the lesbians a cold, heartless person who has no consideration for her sister's feeling when she asked her sister's husband to be the donor for her baby and than has said baby behind their back; and the other "so called lesbian want to be" lusting after, kissing, dreaming, and trying to break up that man's marriage because of some fantasy she made up in her head. This ground breaking marriage and storyline is an insult to the main actors, Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew and an insult to their characters.

All My Children Quotes

[to Myrtle about Erica] Somebody give me a stick so I can beat the stupid out of her.


Maggie Stone: I wonder if it's the number of nights that really matter. I mean, love, it's more than just the physical part. It's whether or not you connect. You can't plan who you fall in love with.
Jamie Martin: Well, how do you even know if it's real? I mean, so many people fall in love and go through the motions, but it's not even close.
Maggie Stone: Maybe some people don't even get to have it.
Jamie Martin: Or they don't recognize it when it comes along.
Maggie Stone: Or when you do finally get it so deep it's a part of you, only to have it taken away. You know, when I - when we couldn't find Bianca, I experienced an emptiness I've never felt before, I mean, like what it would be like if Bianca had never surfaced again. I had to put that out of my mind. I had to forget it.
Jamie Martin: It's complicated - love. It's so unique every time, with every person. And when the real thing comes along, I guess we just have to hope we see it.
Maggie Stone: Or hold onto it.