An Interview with Kelly Killoren Bensimon

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Kelly Killoren Bensimon is a model, author, magazine editor, fashion designer and an equestrian.

She's also a single mom with two daughters from a previous marriage. Starting tonight, she becomes an official cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City. The second season of this series airs on Bravo.

Bensimon spoke with E! Online about her experience on the show:

Why are you doing Real Housewives of New York City?
Everybody wants to know that. I thought it was a great opportunity to explore a single working mother who is living and navigating the crazy city of New York.

NYC Housewife

What did your friends have to say when you told them you were the new Housewife?
Some were like, this is a great opportunity and you should go for it. They're like, you have such a crazy vivacious personality the masses are going to love you. But other friends were like, what are you doing? Don't do it. Putting your life on television? It's not like I'm doing anything I'm ashamed of. You know, I'm riding horses and writing articles and hanging out with my kids.

Are we going to see any romance for you on the show?
There is a little romance. There's a smokin'-hot romance.

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Hard to be the dumbest of the housewives, but it seems Kelly takes that title. She's so ridiculous, so self absorbed, and so self centered, and yet - who is she?? She is not famous. No one cares. Get off the show!


But why a housewife? I don't understand out of six ladies, two are not even housewives. kelly is single and so is bethenny. i don't understand how they are "housewives" at all.


Kelly, I think you are a great addition. If for no other reason than you are a socialite while the others are trying so very hard to be. What I can't understand is how you can stomach having even more than a two sentence conversation with Ramona Singer. Why is she even on the show? A joblotter who dresses and looks like a Barbie Doll, is uneducated, untravelled, un-everything - no fashion sense, not a socialite, not wealthy, a stage mother who's had plastic surgery and won't admit it, acts a fool, can't spend money having her husband's vampire teeth fixed-and where did he go to college please? They are just transplanted from somewhere in Ohio by mistake into that awful apartment. PLEASE get rid of the puppy dog or she'll push herself into every picture taken of you at every event you are both at and who wants to see a living, breathing bobble head, google eyed car doll?