Blake Lively is Beautiful in Berlin

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively looks absolutely gorgeous at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Monday in Berlin, Germany, where she posed for photos and promoted her new movie, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee ...

Stealing the Show

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is a film about the husband of a dutiful 50-year-old woman who falls for a younger woman, who begins to explore her buried sensuality and begins to have a very quiet nervous breakdown.

Blake Lively plays teenage Pippa Lee in flashback sequences, while Robin Wright Penn plays the older Pippa and Keanu Reeves plays Chris, Pippa’s lover.

The 21-year-old Gossip Girl actress looked as fashionable as ever, pairing her black Vena Cava shorts with a VC vest, brown Missoni belt, Moschino Mary Janes, Stephen Dweck earrings and Liza Shtromberg ring. Click to enlarge more photos below ...

Lively in Germany
Blake in Berlin
Gossip Girl in Germany
Pretty as Pippa
Promoting Pippa Lee
Blake Smiles
Beautiful in Berlin
Berlin Beauty
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watch the video, u can see Penn on 07:19 & 16:20. Great 4 Blake. She looks amazing!


sorry for so much comments but 7 min 13 sec and 21 min 03 sec are other moments


I don't see anything else than "Press conference coming soon" at 5.47:(


Oh sorry, i mean 5 min and 47 sec


I don't see him... Where is he? 5 min and 74 sec? It's posted pics soon of them together;) I'll post the link later.


Here a video you can see Penn is with her
and then 5 minutes and 74 sec. (Red Carpet). I read that there are more moments you can see Penn but I didn't search them..


I wish its in Youtube anytime soon!


I know, Darren, It's so romantic! You're welcome:)


this make Penn even more Hotter :P


to think that he went to Berlin with Blake is just Romantic. Thanks for sharing Julie

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