Chuck and Blair or Nate and Blair: Who Should Be Together?

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Not that this hasn't been discussed, debated and argued over enough, but after the Gossip Girl spoilers that have popped up in the past 48 hours, we had to put it to a poll.

Which of the two handsome, Upper East Side gentlemen pictured below should the amazing Blair Waldorf be with? Let us know your opinion in our informal survey ...

Blair and Nate in the Park
The Sparks Fly

Which couple do you like more, Nate and Blair or Blair and Chuck?

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I prefer Blair and Nate :) they're sweet + Chuck always break Blair's heart - it gets soo boring. seriously? isnt it annoying when its the same old drama? chuck gets back together with her, and then chuck is caught red-handed with another girl, blair gets mad and dump him, and then chuck tries to get blair but blair has another person, and then blair breaks up with that person, and tells chuck she loves him, but chuck doesnt want her but then he wants her again? that always happens, i want Blair and Nate, they're much sweeter and pure.


I think Nate and Blair have zero chemistry but I totally support the union if it snaps Chuck out of his self-absorbed stupor!


Nate and Blair for sure !! Chuck and BLair are getting really boring !


nate and blair look hot together...nate is gorgeous!he's making me weak on my knees.


Blair still loves Chuck. In the scene where she tells him 'I'm done' and throws the flowers in the elevator, notice how she can't look him in the eye when she says it. Nate is comfort to her right now and I think it's a good thing at the moment. Maybe Chuck will snap out of it and realize that he truly loves her and finally will have the courage to say it back. Here's hoping in 2009!


I am obsessed with Gossip Girl... and Nate and Blair need to get together to make Chuck jealous. He needs to realize he's been an idiot!


well no effence but i hate how the writer are ignoring the whole jenny and nate thing like i like them together but like they have done a scene like were they bump into each other i wanna see wat would happen if they did or if nate got jelous of jenny with another guy i love blair and chuck i dont like blair with nate to be honest no chemistry


I love aaron and serena. W0ot.Wo0t. :) Blair and chuck is so perfect for each other. :) Nate and blair is jsut so boring. XD Nate and jenny. Wo0t. wo0t. :))


I'm for Nate and Blair !!!


BTW Nate and Blair have barely interacted all season.

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