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It's finally here. The most anticipated Gossip Girl episode since ... well, the last one. But in all seriousness, "Carrnal Knowledge" looks like it's going to be a great one, and it has sparked massive rumors and theories even by Gossip Girl standards.

Still reeling from the recent developments regarding her grades, detention and admission to Yale, Blair Waldorf devises a plan to bring down her new teacher, Miss Rachel Carr - but then finds herself in even more hot water soon enough.

Meanwhile, Chuck wakes up with little memory of where he was the previous evening. He enlists Nate and Vanessa to help him find out, with surprising results.

What else do you think and hope will happen in tonight's episode?

Discuss "Carrnal Knowledge" in our

Follow the link to check out the sneak previews and promos of "Carrnal Knowledge" so far. We'll be compiling a recap, list of Gossip Girl quotes, Gossip Girl fashion and music breakdowns, and our staff's Round Table discussion after the show!

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Derena is deffinatly over. I cant wait till the next episode. It's going to be super awkward between Ms.Carr, Sernea, Blair, and Dan. I cant wait till Ms.Carr finds out she is rehired and S wants to get bac together with Dan. S will find out if Dan tells her himself, Ms.Carr, Vanessa through Nate to S. S is going to feel really hurt by dan and ms.carr. Serena is going to think Ms.Carr did "it" on purpose and may want revenge if she isnt too hurt. So its something for Blai to get invloved in. Blair has a "real scandel". Ms.Carr may get fired for real an never get a teaching job in Manhatten or New York agian. Better start looking for a new profession Ms.Carr. Like they say what comes around, goes around it's Karma. I didnt need justin timberlake to tell me that one. :-]


Dan is a figgen idot. I cant believe he would do that to S. Even if they were over. But every1 knows those 2 will b bac 2gether. Ms.Carr so did that on purpose. She wanted to get back at Serena. She didnt know that Dan and S were over. And she had a motive because it was Serena who took the picture and gave it 2 blair. I still cant believe Dan of all people. Im mean dan u have or had a hot peice of ass and u wanted Ms.CArr. EWWW. Ughhhhh. I hate u dan f*cking humphrey.


I have to agree with you guys.. I MISS SEASON 1 too. :(


Dani, I'm agree with you!! I MISS SEASON 1...


Miss Carr is horrible, but i liked the music in this episode. I hope the music list comes up soon. But yes, I hope that Miss Carr goes down, she is horrible. I cannot wait for next week, should be good.


I totally agree with you, Gossip Girl as lost that somthing we came to love about it. I don't know what that exact thing is but it doesn't feel the same as the first season, none of the characters interact anymore, everyone is off with their own story line.


i have to admit that the most exciting part of this episode was the end, when dan and rachel hooked up. i'm all for the dan and serena together forever routine but it was getting way tooo boring!! dan and rachel were...dare i say it... kind of hottt together!


I definitely liked the ending and am for Dan + Ms. Carr. Serena and Dan were getting so old and boring. I personally found the ending exciting and was on the edge of my seat going, "NO WAY!" I'm excited to see how this plays out, and I was never that big of a Derena fan anyway. Chuck and Blair on the other hand..


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an episode! I always liked Dan a lot, but now he totally screwed up! I can only say: OMFFFFFG!


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