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It's finally here. The most anticipated Gossip Girl episode since ... well, the last one. But in all seriousness, "Carrnal Knowledge" looks like it's going to be a great one, and it has sparked massive rumors and theories even by Gossip Girl standards.

Still reeling from the recent developments regarding her grades, detention and admission to Yale, Blair Waldorf devises a plan to bring down her new teacher, Miss Rachel Carr - but then finds herself in even more hot water soon enough.

Meanwhile, Chuck wakes up with little memory of where he was the previous evening. He enlists Nate and Vanessa to help him find out, with surprising results.

What else do you think and hope will happen in tonight's episode?

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Follow the link to check out the sneak previews and promos of "Carrnal Knowledge" so far. We'll be compiling a recap, list of Gossip Girl quotes, Gossip Girl fashion and music breakdowns, and our staff's Round Table discussion after the show!

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One word: EW!
I'm seriously THIS close to NOT WATCHING GG ANYMORE! Well at least til this season is over and then I'll just watch the ending episodes of this season all at once. Seriously.
I felt like puking watching this episode.
I used to LOVE D&S but the writers have completely ruined this show as of this moment. Dan and Ms. Carr are enough to discourage me from watching Gossip Girl for awhile. The writer who came up with the Dan and Ms. Carr thing should quit their day job. Seriously, you suck!
And sure, Dan did something "wild" but so what? They've ruined his character. I don't want to see Dan on the show anymore. He should only be getting 5 minutes of screen time, honestly, from now on. I'd rather see ANYONE else on the show but Dan and Ms. Carr. I'm going to have nightmares...


That was not Dan Humphrey! Dan would never do somethign like that!


i really liked this episode.... this season has had some good moments but i really sometimes miss th first season. first of all.... i dont mind D and RC hooking up ...as Dan needs to reinvent its carachter.... whats bugs me is that Derena is trying to beat ross and rachel in the number of times they have broken up to later come back together... I always like blair a whole lot more when she is a bithc and full of herself and tonight we got to see the blair of the first season. V and N have become really irrelevant to the show becuase there is no storyline and no concrete drama for them.... also where is J... i swear she was one of the main 3 or 4 characters at the end of last season an the start of the secind but now with her good girl act she gets no storyline and no drama which makes her unmissed. i would like to see S and D get back together at the end of this season minimum and and have them last the entire season. as for Chair... i mean we need to see them together because the couples or lack of them in GG are boring right now please pay attention Schwartz.... this is turning into the third season of the oc instead of the 1st


I'm completely disgusted, though not at all surprised, by Dan in this ep. And I'm not even a Dan/Serena 'shipper. (I don't hate them or anything, I'm just sort of neutral when it comes to their r-ship). We knew this was how it would play out with Dan and Ms. Carr. But it's still gross. Blech, that last shot of him and Carr was just nasty. It's probably because I really dislike her character. She is the epitome of 'fake' in a way that even the most pretentious UES'ers aren't. She puts on that cry-fest for Dan, where she seems so righteously indignant at the very accusation that she would have an affair Dan. You almost believe her (read: almost). Hours later--she's sleeping with him. She spits out some rubbish about how she's not his teacher, but it pretty much makes her whole spiel at the cafe a complete lie. Dan's no less an idiot in my mind. I'm done with him. For now anyway. *shakes head in disgust* *shudder*


i personally could care less about dan and that horrid teacher. im just glad blair is back on track with yale!! gawd, nate and vanessa are SO inconsequential. they might as well be cut from the show. fer serious. harold waldof needs to come back!! he's awesome!!


wow the ending was awesome(sorry but i liked it-the song was amazing)Hate Rachel!!!.....she will come back to school(not fair). The Chuck plot liked it.....hope that nanny disappears for good so Chuck goes back to Blair!!!loved the ep.....even tough id prefer CB scenes...... Poor Blair.....Nely Yuky must be punished!!!! oh and btw bring Georgina back!!! xoxo


I would rather Dan and Serena not break and up get back together a million times if it's just going to turn out like this. I was a fan of them in season one, and have been hoping for them to get back together... but it's just getting a bit ridiculous. At this point, I hope they don't get back together again unless their characters go through a major overhaul in the next couple of years.


OMG! This episode was kind of like an insight into a brothel... i mean because of the sex parties and the underage molestation. Lol, but Dan was such a man-whore in this episode! And now I OFFICIALLY hate Ms. Carr! She is such a skank! Oh and I totally did not get the whole Eyes Wide Shut mystery (quote: Chuck Bass) because of the whole Elle thing I thought it was weird and pointless... anyway I can't wait for next episode, hopefully Ms. Crack-head... I mean Ms. Carr will die and the lonely he-slut will get what he deserves!


OMGGG this episode was totally go! expect that there were not chair scenes, i liked the end with Dan and Racheal i cant wait until people find out!!! and the mens club thing omgg! its going to be a great storyline somehow thats going to lead to gorgeina coiming back, in the books i think she lived in connecticut! but nate still doesnt have a storyline i reckon that dutchess woman should come back and stirr things up. i hear nate and blair are getting back together, is it true? i actually wouldnt mine as long as blair ends up with chair in the end


i actually really enjoyed this episode... the ending with dan and miss carr (hate her) was so scandalous, and so typically gg! i honestly don't even care that dan and serena are done, they were getting soooo boring. this thing with rachel was the first interesting aspect of their relationship in forever. i'm curious to see where it goes chuck was so hot in this episode (as usual). but i was sad there were no chair scenes, and that chuck was so into this new nanny person... but whatever, i know chuck and blair will be together in the end (hopefully sooner than later!) surprisingly, i really didn't mind nate and vanessa in this episode. they're actually kind of cute. kind of. and is it seriously a 5 week hiatus? i think i might die.


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