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It's finally here. The most anticipated Gossip Girl episode since ... well, the last one. But in all seriousness, "Carrnal Knowledge" looks like it's going to be a great one, and it has sparked massive rumors and theories even by Gossip Girl standards.

Still reeling from the recent developments regarding her grades, detention and admission to Yale, Blair Waldorf devises a plan to bring down her new teacher, Miss Rachel Carr - but then finds herself in even more hot water soon enough.

Meanwhile, Chuck wakes up with little memory of where he was the previous evening. He enlists Nate and Vanessa to help him find out, with surprising results.

What else do you think and hope will happen in tonight's episode?

Discuss "Carrnal Knowledge" in our

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Nelly Yuki busted Blair.


I don't understand why everyone is getting so mad at Dan for what he did. D and R had a really steamy scene at the end and throughout tonigt's show we all saw that they had chemisty. I love Serena but it was time for Dan to spice things up and this episode just made him SO much hotter! Eventually Derena will be back..but for now I think this storyline is amazing! i always wanted to see D as the bad boy.
Also I loved Chuck in this episode and I think his father's secret is going to make into a really great storyline.
It's the right time to bring Georgina back into the picture!! :)


I HAVE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMFGG Im whit you Eddue Bizzie, i'm getting tired of D and S breaking up, this is becoming The OC, and we know that is not a good sign.
D is such a manwhore and Slutty C, it seems like D doesn't respect or have any fidelity to S
SO WRONG! Blair impecable as always!
I'm glad she is a bitch again Good episode overall
GG just keeps getting better


I'm getting sick and tired of DnS breaking up then getting back together. I want them to be a couple for more than a season. I think people will stop watching this show around season 4 because of this changing partners and stuff. When GG is over I hope to see DnS a couple. I can't believe they're making us wait until march for the next episode, this makes me mad.

Andre pattinson

WHAT THE F*CK!!!!! I KNEW THAT THAT LITTLE MIDGET WAS TROUBLE SINCE I LAYED EYES ON HER!!! I really hope that she gets throw out on her "stix ass".. And of course, a little public humilliation wouldn't be soo bad. AND DAN... I DON'T EVEN GOING TO BOTHER ON SAYING NOTHING ABOUT THAT RAT ASSH*LE -and the worse thing is that last season he was on his HIGH HORSE about Serena lying to him- WHO'S THE GOOD FOR NOTHING,TEACHER'S PET(EWWW.. That phrase just got a WHOLE new meaning to me) LIAR.. And about my Chuck... In my eyes he can't do no wrong. I really hope that he doesn't get into trouble with this MYSTERY THING, but one theory I read earlier can be posible: THAT BART'S DEATH IT WASN'T AN ACCIDENT.. that'll really turn things around for the storyline. And DO NOT WORRY my fellow GG FANS, the new episodes will air in 4 WEEKS.. I know it's HORRIBLE but we've to endure for a while. Remember, we were promise: A NEW LOVE INTEREST FOR SERENA, A NEW COUSIN FOR NATE, MORE IN THE HUMPHREY- VAN DER WOODSEN HALF- BROTHER, A VERY "SPARKLING" COMEBACK AND, OF COURSE, CHAIR SCENES (because we NEED THEM).


I need to clarify a few things. Serena and Dan are not the Ross and Rachel of Gossip Girl. I read a post that had said Dan and Serena are the couple who HAS to get together and that Chuck and Blair were getting redundant. I disagree with this. Chuck and Blair are NOT getting redundant. They are being pushed to the back burner of the producers storyline bbq. Derena (or however you spell it) has gone through a monotonous relationship that I only started to actually pay attention to in this episode. Finally something risque is going to come between them and test their relationship. However, their lukewarm relationship is still pretty much a gaping fish for me right now. And they're not just putting Chuck in because he has high reviewer ratings. If that was so, they would put tons of Chair scenes in every episode and fire Szhor and Momsen from the set already. As for the Nate and Vanessa relationship, I think it kind of provides that emotional relief; that while might be boring, is a nice little eppi vacation from the high end drama that drenches the GG plotlines. I only have one last comment: Chair or bust.


i actually liked the episode, despite the lack of chuck and blair, it was pretty interesting and i thought the ending was cool (how he had "1 missed call" while he was making out with rachel) and even though dan and serena bore me 2 hell, i was really glad when serena did that 4 blair, i also wish that they'd show more of nate, instead of having him spend ALL HIS TIME with vanessa, i mean, even when he was hanging out with CHUCK....VANESSA WAS THERE
i lkd him better when he was conflicted...AT LEAST HE WAS INTERESTING, i also really lkd the n/b/c love triangle
i hope GG steps it up some more.. but it was really nice to actually have some scandal..there hasn't been secrets and stuff lk that in FOREVER


OK people. When we first found out that there was gonna be a new teacher that was going to fal for a student everyone said that they thought it should be Dan because his character needed more drama, more spice. Now everyone is complaining about it. I'm not happy that Dan and Serena broke up agian but if you think about it all gossip girl has really been is torture to us. In a, I want some more way. If we had everything we wanted all the time we would be saying "Give us more DRAMA!!!" In other news:
-Chuck was totally hot (as always)
-Nate needs more screen time and a storyline, as long as its good I don't care what it is.


What an episode. 1. Yay chuck got a haircut :]
2. Yay Derena no more. I think Serena deserves so much better and in the books shes so self confident her and dan dont even end up being a couple!
3. Where the hell have all my Bluck moments gone? :[ plzz march bring us some hope ugh :/
4. I like this Dan/miss Carr thing and I think its going to be hilarious at school!! She obviously FINALLY gets fired tho caseu i think shes only on for one more episode.
5. This Secret Society/ Chuck Bass version of Narnia plot sounds awesomeeee but I hope that Elle chick is deaddd homes.
I mean this sounds like a murder mystery.
6. Dude Nate/Vanessa... why are u in the episode? Seriously?
Nate and Serena need to get together FOR ONCEE GAH theyre always together in the book off and on so dudee get together already and fuck dan humphrey hes a lame-o and inthe books he always ends up with Vanessa!
7. LOVEEE DOROTA. She deserves to be legit character haha. Blair I wish was nicer to her tho :/ All i can say is... good riddance Derena I hated your lame drama and always a breakup on-off. Just accept it that you guys suck! And are kinda related :P
ok woo. I'm done.


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