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It's finally here. The most anticipated Gossip Girl episode since ... well, the last one. But in all seriousness, "Carrnal Knowledge" looks like it's going to be a great one, and it has sparked massive rumors and theories even by Gossip Girl standards.

Still reeling from the recent developments regarding her grades, detention and admission to Yale, Blair Waldorf devises a plan to bring down her new teacher, Miss Rachel Carr - but then finds herself in even more hot water soon enough.

Meanwhile, Chuck wakes up with little memory of where he was the previous evening. He enlists Nate and Vanessa to help him find out, with surprising results.

What else do you think and hope will happen in tonight's episode?

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Okay, so along with everyone else, yes I am completely heartbroken about Dan and Serena - I think I felt the waterworks coming. But honestly, I must admit, that was one steamy scene with Dan and RC! Of course though, RC must die a most horrible death. And yeah, where is the Chuck/Blair action? How could they leave us hanging with their relationship since the funeral? We all know that they have that burning passion inside that needs to finally become settled! Ugh, c'mon Josh, give us a TV show please!


Possible prediction:
It's obvious Blair is going to have a bulimia relapse and I think Chuck is being so concerned and caring towards this Elle girl because Blair was the only thing he cared for and now that she's gone from his life for the moment, Elle fills an empty void and I'm guessing makes him feel a little less guilty about the whole Blair situation from Gone With the Will. In March hopefully:
Chuck will find out that Blair is falling apart and is bulimic again. This time, Serena can't help her because she's too caught up with her own problems (boy problems), and Chuck will be there to save her and support her. A girl can dream right?


yeah, that makes sense
i just wish there was more CHAIR!!! haha
they are the best couple in the whole show and they need eachother!


CBxoxoBree, I'm the exact same way. Whenever they show what previously happened, it's always with the intent of refreshing our memory of the things happening in the episode you're about to watch. When they showed nothing relating to Chuck and Blair, I figured there would be nothing about them in the episode. Here's hoping March brngs a CB reunion!




I always can tell if there are going to be any Chair scenes by the beginning of the episode. In the beginning of the episodes, it always shows what happened in the previous episodes. And what they mainly show, thats what the episode is going to be about. For example, in the beginning of this episode, it only showed Ms. Carr, dan , serena and Blair and no chair from the past episodes, so therefore, i knew that this episode was going to have zero Chair Is this making sense?


ok so this episode was really good!
i HATEEEEE ms. carr! she needs to leave, NOW! and i SO did not expect that dan and ms. carr thing in the end! and the whole secret society thing with chuck was interesting, but i dont like him liking elle! I WANT CHAIR! and i think now blair's bulimia will come back and then hopefully chuck will come to the rescue! all i know is I WANT MORE CHAIR!


I am absolutely devastated. Devastated. Heartbroken. Livid. Homicidal. I can't even put into words the disappointment I feel right now. I am first of all, so upset about the breakup of Dan and Serena. I don't know how they're going to come back from this one. Secondly, I am so completely, completely let down by the character of Dan Humphrey. Who was that guy on screen tonight? Where was the sweet, smart, wonderful guy who loved Serena more than anything? A teacher, Dan? Really? Five minutes after you and Serena end it, too? I can't ever look at him the same way again. EVER. He acted tonight like Serena didn't mean anything to him. Everything DS that I have ever had faith in has gone out the window. My faith in Dan...and their love...is gone. This single episode just ruined everything. What happened to the "sex is meaningful" speech? I can't. I just can't. I don't think I an watch their past moments and feel the same fluttering I felt. Maybe they really aren't end-game. Maybe Josh knew this and made this episode happen so DS fans wouldn't like them anymore. I want to jump into the television world and hug Serena right now. That poor girl. Dan sucks. I never thought I would hate him, but I do. And even if he does amazing things in the future, I'll always remember him doing this and being all shady and gross. So...now with this big break...are they gonna come back and have Dan and the teacher like...be a couple? Be in bed together? :vomit: I honestly feel like I'm gonna be sick. How are they going to get rid of her now? I thought that Blair would just just keep bringing her down until she eventually either got fired or left because she couldn't take it. But now she's still a whore even though she's not a teacher anymore. This is so ridiculous. I thought they would leave us on an "are they or aren't they gonna break up?" cliffhanger. Not this. Never this. I never thought this would happen. I'm so, so sad. I know it's a TV show...but I am absolutely devastated. I liked these characters and who they were and the potential they had, and now I can't look at Dan. Thinking of his face and the comments he made this episode truly make me ill. What do we have to look forward to now? Maybe it's good we're taking a break. I can prepare myself.


To Addicted to Gosspi Girl Music I think the song playing in the end is called "With a Heavy Heart" by Does it Offend You, Yeah


actually after this whole Dan and Ms. Carr thing ( by the way we can all sum up that we 100% hate the teacher) I actually don't like the whole dan and blair idea because i think he would hurt her so much worse than chuck, i mean look at derena. I love the dair scenes but not everyone has to get together with each other.
@ michelle a., i totally agree! Blair and chuck need interaction. The main reason i watch GG is for Chair. I hate that he is all into Elle. It makes me so mad ( and kind of sad) but i have high hopes for Chair
Just think of it this way, the nanny is not going to be on the show for very long Ok so does any one know the real date for the next episode!??? I hate the writers for doing this to us! How many breaks can one show take?


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