Extended Sneak Preview From "Carrnal Knowledge"

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Below is a new sneak peek of tomorrow night's "Carrnal Knowledge."

It's actually more of an extended version (a minute longer) of the first preview we posted on Friday, in which Chuck tries to recall his previous night's endeavors.

Follow the jump to check out the clip obtained by Entertainment Tonight. Here's Chuck, with a little help from Nate and Vanessa, trying to piece things together ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/carrnal-knowledge-sneak-preview-4/" title="Carrnal Knowledge Sneak Preview #4"][/video]

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IMO NJ is the most naive and annoying couple ever. N and J need to growup and they cant do that be being together. It is not possible with the current SLs and college and this Grandpa not appoving of V thing. Besides Jenny is going to be in highschool by herself next year.
As for my beloved CB I have faith they'll be together be the season finale but Im enjoying their seperate SLs to.


Soooo saddened by the fact that Chuck & Blair won't be together soon, but still hopeful that they will considering their absolute Love & Adoration for each other that only they themselves feel and know in their hearts. They totally rock!
As for Nate with Jenny? Ewwwww! Gross, I have to agree with everyone, Jenny is annoying though...But cant wait for tonites episode to come on!!!!


I am guessing that V knows how to cure a hangover cuz she has a big sister in a punk band who drinks a lot.


how does vanessa kno wat da altemate hangover cure is since when did she get hangovers but she was still super funny i was lmao when i saw this!


An SL is a story line. I agree with Kathy, just a couple too many SLs going on at once. This is isn't sesame street, we don't need new stimuli every 3 minutes, our attention spans aren't THAT short!


And if the photo of the promo was the mother of Chuck Chuck with baby! And the woman in the mask is his half-sister (the daughter of his mother and another man, not Bart?

May san

i cant wait for this episode! seems like time is realllllyyyyyyy slow grrrrr, oh well i love chuck bass and blair together ;-)


I am a total chair fan and I agree, i wish Blair were there for Chuck. However, it is very seldom that anyone is there for Blair unless she is forcing them. And when they are helping her they are usually judging her, so I don't blame her for going to her minions for support over the Ms. Carr situation they are more reliable than the other people she once or does call friends...
i don't think that was chucks nanny,just that she is a nanny or was a nanny and maybe reminds him of his nanny. I personally would rather see NV over Eric and Jenny having dumb arguments any day....


whats an sl? blair and chuck = best couple on tv

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