Gossip Girl Caption Contest 38

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Welcome, fans, to the 38th Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is Ryan. Congratulations! Honorable mentions go out to ana and InMemoryOfDerena. Thank you all for playing and best of luck again next week!

Dan Humphrey, Rachel Carr

Dan: Nate is here?
Ms. Carr: *shrugs* I couldn't wait.

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Dan: Odd, I always thought the Dial-A-Whore hotline had a Chuck Bass area code.


Dan: I'm so sorry what Blair put you through...
Miss Carr: It's ok, I only got lost in the park and steppted on something when I was wandering aroung but I got my revenge also.
Dan: What do you mean?
Miss Carr: Let's just say that Blair knows what's coming. And what's more, I got the guy...
Dan: Who?
Miss Carr: Of course you silly:)


Dan: Rachel, is there something you want to tell me? I'm itchy down there and it burns when I go to the bathroom.
Ms. Carr: Well, I told you sexiness isn't the only thing I've got. Weren't you listening?


Gossip Girl Here:
It looks like Dannie-boy has finally got it. And by it, you know what I mean. If not, lets just say, Ms.Carr puts a hole lot of work in it.

K rae07

Dan- *thinking-(i am chuck bass, uh i mean..dan humphrey. gee that doesnt really have the same ring to it when i say it with my own name.)* Carr- " hi dan. would you like to come in sowe can just get this show on the road? i know why you came here. you obviously can't fight the sexual tension between us, and who could blame you?" Dan- "well, alctually i just came by to.." Carr- " save it humphrey, you're not going to be any Chuck Bass, but you'll do." Dan- * thinking again-(that damn chuck bass...how does he do it?!). ****que music to start scene****


i really love alyson's back on page 2, actually....


Dan: *Stares unblinking*
Rachel: "Um... Dan?"
Dan: *Continues to stare silently*
Rachel: "You know... extended leering is queering..."
*akward silence*
Dan: "How long is prolonged?" *eyes remain fixed on Rachel*


Miss Carr: Goodbye Daniel Dan: Huh? Miss Carr: Did you not see the promo! your head will be on a platter... Dan: WHAT! Miss Carr: (peering around anxiously) Its... Th-The... The Blair Dan: Maybe they should have called you menTAL-whore instead, now theres a better fit.. Miss Carr: I warned you (throws salt) Now Be Gone! (phone rings) Dan: Hello?
No i do not have a platter! (CHOP) Miss Carr: DEATH BY DOROTAAAA! THE BLAIR


Miss Carr:.... Dan: So uh... the backround music should be coming on right when you kiss me... Miss Carr: Right... *KISS* (music begins) Miss Carr: (pulls away) This is hard... how do Chuck and Blair manage to keep the sexual tension so thick? Dan: Because Rachel! THE WRITERS SAID SO... DUH Miss Carr: But- Dan: LA LA LA LA LA! YOU ARE RUINING THE MUSIC!


Miss Carr:... and then i shall place a kiss upon your lips and Serena shall call but you shall ignore as you are my beloved, precious and i shall only be yours and i shall name you squidgy Dan: (under his breath) I did not sign up for this..

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