Gossip Girl Caption Contest 40

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Welcome to the 40th Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is chucksbabydoll. Congratulations! Honorable mentions go out to Alex, JJ and Sarah. Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next week!

J and E

Jenny: What do you think they're doing in there?
Eric: Who, Dan and Serena?
Jenny: Yeah, they're totally hooking up.
Eric: Nah, they're probably just playing dress up with Cedric. After we found out Rufus and Lily used to be lovers, they put on a fashion show for him.
Jenny: Everyone has their way of reconnecting.

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oops - should be "I had to braid it _this_ way..." I changed some words without updating the verb tense... In case you miss the reference, check out the actress' previous disastrous Cindy-Lou Who-do here:
http://www.gossipgirlinsider.c... Cute in some twisted fashion...


Connor: OMG Taylor! Why is your hair like that?! Taylor: I had to braided it _this_ way because it's not long enough yet to do it Grinch-style again... Connor (mumbles under his breath): OMG Stephanie & Josh, even us second-string characters deserve stylists...


eric: jen, as much as i love you, i wont have a threesome with you and nate!
j: oh, your loss!


Jenny: I don't even like either of them and even i know they should be together.
Eric: I saw some depression medication in his medicine cabinet
Jenny: I'll call Blair, you call Chuck
Eric: I though you were talking about Rufus and Lily...


eric walks in E-omg jenny are u txting johnothan??
J-yeah I was just-
E-just what? Planning to meet up with my boyfriend later? First you steal Asher from me now this?
J-eric what the hell are you talking about? I was just-
E-just saying how much you looove hanging out with us since you have no real friends?
J-no eric you don't understand-
E-how can you honestly expect us to be a family?! (teary) you're just a boyfriend stealing raccoon eyed, social reject. (runs out of the room)
J-I was just apologizing for any awkwardness between us! (under breath) atleast I'm not gay


enough with the racoon jokes! i mean, it was funny the first 500 times, but now its just old. can't you think of something original to say? i mean 50% of the comments are 'jenny looks like a racooonnnn'...yeah im over the racoon jokes chucksbabydoll i like yours though (:

Blair bass

OMFG chucksbabydoll!
yours made me laugh so much!!


chickyvicky16 i loved yours! haha.


eric : jenny i have a question i'm kind of embarassed to ask...
jenny : oh! do say, eric! do say!
eric : since we're going to live together i guess i can't keep it a secret anymore...
jenny : i'm listening...
eric : you smell awfull.i know you look like a racoon,but do you have to smell like one?


Eric: Oh My God!!! I love this movie!
Jenny: Showgirls Eric? Really?
Eric: I'm gay.

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