Gossip Girl Promotional Poster: "The Grandfather"

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Last week, we posted a promotional poster featuring Serena and Blair in "The Age of Dissonance," the next new episode of Gossip Girl, scheduled for Monday, March 16.

Below is a similar poster - using the same tagline (Two reputations destroyed. Now for the second act ...) for the following week's episode, entitled "The Grandfather."

Could there be some much-anticipated Chuck-Blair drama to come? And what role will the grandfather - presumably Nate's - play in this episode? What do you think?

Gossip Girl: The Grandfather

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have anyone noticed that blair is wearing the same clothes in this picture and in the "take me" promo, and that she is wearing red lipstick too? :) CHAIR!


so whatever happened to "blair waldorf's day off"?


yay!!!!!! blate foreverrrr,,,,


Im puzzled.
I dont know whats gonna happen.
I want Chuck and Blair to get together.(:


HOLY F****! EVERYONE GO TO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... NEW PROMO! HURRY!!!!!!


Blair's necklace is absolutely stunning. I need to know where to get that. It looks a LOT like Betsey Johnson


finally some exciment on gg! chuck and blair's take me promo is omg so good..but blair and chuck indefined situation and yet carter's returning and off course that nate thing i can't wait!..definitely a great plot i'm really hoping that this episode's good enough like the promos..


where is the necklace chuck gave blair? i want to see her wear it!!!


Its definatly B watch thé promo he's like (I'm loosing her) so yah it's B and he probably will fight for her go CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I meant friendship or bromance whatever


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