Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: McDreamy Quits

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As Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly points out, the just-released logline for Grey's Anatomy's March 12 episode, "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," reads:

"After learning at a deposition that more of his patients have died than survived, Derek decides to quit, even as Meredith refuses to give up on him. Bailey and the Chief continue to bicker over her peds fellowship - until Adele steps in to mediate - and Izzie's interns discover something unsettling on a 'patient x,' unaware that the charts they're looking at are actually Izzie's."

Did you catch that? Derek decides to quit.

The chances of Dr. Derek Shepherd's resignation sticking are no doubt slim, but still. That's a pretty major twist to give away in a press release, don't you think?

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For the record, a Grey's insider assures EW that Patrick Dempsey "is not leaving the show." Theories on why Derek is quitting? How long before he changes his mind?

The rest of the description for the episode is fairly benign, save for the revelation that Adele (Loretta Devine) is returning to mediate the Chief's battle with Bailey.

It also confirms that Izzie's interns discover "something unsettling" about Patient X (Izzie), but that's kind of old news at this point. Very old, in fact. Like this new bit about Derek quitting, Shonda and her cohorts seem to give away everything far in advance.

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meredith and derek are too sickening now derek was partly responsible for his first marriage to break up i thik he and his wife should get back and remarry it is time to forgive hollywood need to show these things it will help society today too much infidelity show how even though thing get bad it can get better


I believe Izzie will only let Derek operate on her, which leads to a succesful surgary, and Izzie will be the one who convinces Derek to come back. Also I hope Derek proposes, but Mark will propose to Lexie, It's in Marks blood to ruin it for Derek.


Ouch. Well, i think Derek and Meredith make a very cute TvMcCouple. I prefer Derek when he's with Meredith rather than Addison. Not that i hate Addison or anything, i think Addison's a really good doctor though. But anyway, everybody have different perspective in life, so yeah. I strongly hope that Derek won't quit working in SGH.


Ouch >


you people are all so mindless!!! Derek and Meredith together is proably one of the most over drawn storylines in TV history, will they, wont they, its seriously just Ross and Rachel from Friends again, NO OFFENCE SHONDA ITS BEEN DONE BEFORE. I really hope that Addison and Derek do reunite, because at least the couple have in turn progressed, what progression has meredith made, she still goes on about how they are meant to be. So please Shonda, throw a spanner in the works and put Derek and Addison back on track, well all secretly deep down really hope that stick figure ends it with Derek.


Dereck will come back, because he'll be the only one who can save Izzie. I bet it has something to do with her brain, even if its not a tumor. After all she was hullicentaing. Seems like Dereck is having a hard time keeping it together, maybe he needs to see Meredith's shrink, lol. I Love Patrick Dempsey and if he left, that would be the end of Grey's Anatomy.


I think that he will save Izzy and she will leave Seattle! LoL


omg if derek quits there will be no hottie in the hospital!;(


I'm sure he won't quit for long. He'll miss being a doctor after a while. Mer and Der both need a vacation and some fun time. They never show them doing anything fun. The only "proposal" I can think of is Mark and Lexie and if that happens it will totally ruin it for Derek to propose to Meredith.


Seriously, how stupid have some people got to be to NOT get what that line is actually saying? It says DEREK is quitting, NOT PATRICK. In other words: Dr. Shepherd might consider a different career path, which - if it should occur - does not mean he will no longer be part of the show. (as greys already stated correctly)

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