Heroes Round Table: A Clear and Present Danger

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Welcome to our 22nd Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the forums to discuss every character and storyline, our staff comes together every week to analyze the latest developments from the latest episode.

Topics in this edition include: the new Nathan, HRG and the plane crash aftermath. Let's get to the Q&A...

Can you see Nathan's argument at all?
A. Hiro: Sure. Taken from a purely objective point of view, it's not difficult to understand why someone would see the world as a better place if people with abilities were not using them freely in the real world. Honestly, we haven't seen many examples of the Heroes saving ordinary people from everyday dangers or anything.

Milover: No. I'm all for rounding up the dangerous individuals, as HRG was doing when the series started. But there's no reason to harm Peter and those Nathan know are good-hearted.

Timex: Yes. While most of the Heroes appear to be good people, Nathan is now a public official. His responsibility is to the greater good, the entire country. He can't run the risk that any of these individuals get corrupted and use their abilities for evil.

Why is HRG working with Nathan?
Timex: It's HRG! Let's not question his motives, as he always has his eye on what's best for those around him, even if he uses shady tactics sometimes to get there.

A. Hiro: Is he really doing anything different than he's always done? HRG has always believed that those with abilities should be captured. Except for his Claire Bear, of course.

Milover: Because they have a common bond. Her name is Claire.

Will Sylar ever find his real father?
Milover: Of course. The only question is whether this mean will also be a power-hungry evil-doer. I say yes. The dangerous apple can't fall too far from the tree.

Timex: Maybe he already has. Doesn't The Hunter look about the right age to have fathered Sylar?

A. Hiro: I hope so, and soon. Let's not have Sylar continually navigating the globe, searching for acceptance.

Will all the Heroes survive the plane crash?

A. Hiro: As lovely as she is, I think we may need to bid farewell to Ali Larter and her character of Tracey.

Milover: Nope. Mohinder is a goner. (A guy can dream, can't he?!?)

Timex: Probably. After all, no one ever really dies on the show, right?

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Mohinder was Awsome in this last episode...It would be stupid to kill him off...he earned his ranks back in my books. Everyones original acting has really contributed to this episode...Everyone was great. Nobody should just die immediately that would be really disappointing.


1. Nathan's plan is wrong, simple as that. Dangerous people with abilities like Sylar definitely need to be detained and kept from the public, yes, but extending this imprisonment to every person with an ability is wrong. Also hypocritical considering Nathan has an ability and we don't see him petitioning to the Hunter to lock him up because he feels it's his duty to stay away from the public since he's dangerous. 2. Bennet is being Bennet. He'll cut all the deals and make all the alliances he has to to keep his family safe. No surprises there. He'll sacrifice anyone to protect Claire, that's been established a long time ago. 3. Of course he will. Lionel Luther anyone? 4. Judging by the preview, it seems all of them do.

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