Heroes Round Table: Building 26

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Welcome to our 24th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the forums to discuss every character and storyline, our staff comes together every week to analyze the latest developments from the latest episode.

Topics in this edition include: Tracey's fate, HRG's storyline and Daphne. Let's get to the Q&A...

Can Hiro please stop being sent to other countries?
A. Hiro: Seriously. I love Hiro/Ando interaction, but can someone explain to me the point of last night's India trip being such a focus of the show?

Milover: I wanna remain positive, but I truly don't get it. This entire story line was created so Hiro - at the conclusion of it - could realize that he doesn't need an ability in order to be a hero? Did viewers need to be so bored in order for such a lesson to be learned?

Timex: Hey, I'm just happy Hiro's trip took place in this century this time. And that it's over after just one episode. It beats his never-ending adventure in Feudal Japan during volume two.

Is Nathan being naive?
Timex: Yes. Did he really expect to round up his former allies without any blood being shed? Come on, Senator, you're smarter than that.

A. Hiro: He's just being idealistic. Nathan is actually being written well this volume, as he doesn't exhibit pure evil by any means. He sincerely believes that rounding up the Heroes is the best course of action and, yes, he believes this can be done relatively peacefully.

Milover: It does seem short-sighted on Nathan's part that he believed he could go through with this exercise and not arouse the suspicion of Homeland Security. But at least he got a cute agent looking into him!

Does Sylar actually care about Luke?
Milover: Definitely. He'll never admit it, but Sylar is seeking acceptable for who he is. He may not find that with his father, but he's finding it little-by-little with his new protege.

Timex: No way. He's just using Luke for his selfish purposes. I'd be shocked if he survived the volume.

A. Hiro: Yes and no. I think Sylar is beginning to see Luke as someone that gives him purpose. Does he care if Luke lives or dies? No. But does having Luke around make Sylar feel like he's less of a monster? Yes.

Who is Rebel?

A. Hiro: We asked this in a poll question already and I voted for Meredith. No way Claire's bio mom is actually dead.

Milover: Angela. You could tell at the outset of this volume that she was torn over Nathan's plan and whether or not the Heroes deserved to be captured.

Timex: HRG, or someone he's hired for the gig. This way, he can fulfill his role and keep Claire safe, but he can also try to warn those with abilities that he knows don't deserve this fate.

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Just wanted to give a shout out to Jack Colemans excellent acting during the "kicking out" sequence. Really felt sorry for the guy.


Im pretty sure rebel is either Angela or someone working with/for her: She is one of the only people with knowledge of Nathans plans that is not being hunted. Her ability would let her know 1) That Hiro and Ando were in India 2) That Matt will be in trouble.


It is possible that "rebel" is Hanna; but she only appeared in 2 episodes during season 1. Would the heroes writers even bother trying to write her a role, 2 1/2 seasons later. And it can't be Micah, because if you had listened to what that lady from India said, she said that she recieved a fax from Los Angeles- and we could assume that Micah is still in New Orleans. I think "rebel" is a character we haven't met yet- quite possibly Barbara. And as for the overall story lines, in this volume so far, I think it is a dramatic improvement from Volume 2 and 3. "Building 26" has been as good of an episode 'Heroes' has had in a while. And i can't wait for "Cold Wars


Wouldn't be surprised if Rebel is HRG collaborating with Hanna Gittelman or somebody with the same ability- that would explain the profound knowledge of Rebel and also why Claire received the text message while her father sat next to her.
And speaking of... poor HRG! That's what I call a crappy day.


I wouldn't be surprised if Rebel was actually Hannah Gittleman (Wireless?). I know if you read the "comics" shes dead, but it also subscribes to the idea that her essence still lives on... Who better to be able to communicate to everyone?


Luke is going to kill Sylar before the season ends.

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