LC: This is The Hills' Final Season

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The just-released Season 5 trailer for The Hills gave the impression that the show's producers were trying to wrap things up and bring the MTV hit full circle.

Lauren Conrad has now confirmed as much, telling Seventeen that she will be retiring from reality TV when the new season (which begins in March) ends.

“My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it’s still great,” she said. “I always want to remember it that way. I gave MTV a deadline and said, ‘This is as long as I can do it and stay sane.’”

LC, Heidi

Will the final season of The Hills mean bring peace with Heidi?

One factor that might have played into her decision? Unlike her past romances with Stephen Colletti, Brody Jenner and Jason Wahler, Lauren Conrad has kept her new relationship with actor Kyle Howard away from the MTV cameras.

The Hills had a good run. We look forward to seeing its conclusion this year ... and the inevitable Speidi spinoff that follows next season.

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I think it was best for lauren to leave the show.!! Especially sine her enemy Kristen was coming onto the show.


i think lc should havee continued taping i mean it was a great money maker and millions were watching the show would have been a hit for at least 3 more years !!!!not to mention it was all he publicity she had sorry to say without the hills she slowly but surely fade into the backround ps ily whitney