New Gossip Girl Previews For Upcoming Episodes

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The CW has released a couple of fun, new promos for upcoming Gossip Girl episodes - which unfortunately do not return until Monday, March 16. Sigh.

In any case, we've got plenty of spoilers and topics of debate to hold us over - the controversial Nate and Blair reunion being the most frequently discussed.

Another hot topic is Rachel Carr. The Gossip Girl promo below centers on this "ment-whore," who's been known to engage in acts of "hiding the Humphrey" ... 

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Preview: Ment-Whore"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second promo shot in the same style, but focused on what it's like to be "Blairanoid," and the common side-effect of "Dorota-Buse" ...

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Preview: Blairanoid"] [/video]

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1000 percent Ment-Whore is right


Actually Nelly Yuki doesn't say 'people hate you', it was editted that way. Nor does Carter say 'she's a bit of a blairanoid freak'. As you can see the change of both scenes. While Carter says 'she's uuh' and then the scene is bit like a robot and then continues his line.
Nelly starts her line with 'people' and then the scene changes with heads the other way around and even more ppl in the scene and then continues 'hate you'. So I think Nelly & Blair are getting into a fight there.


i'm glad we're on the same page then Dorota Fan =) and i believ it is illegal... dan is still seventeen... i think.


^^thanxs af!!! i wanted to noe that! does that mean Chuck was gonna give Dorota money?? :S Anyways what i was gonna say was i remember an interview they did with Penn and his like "Dan is the moral compass in the show" lol well we can safely say he is sooooo not anymore the moral compass..his like the least moral of them all now lol


For people interested in what she's saying: "Are you crazy, you whipster? I'm working for Miss Blair, not you! You think you can buy me?!


Isn't it illegal for Dan and his MentWhore to be sleeping together... that's gross, a student sleeping with a teacher... a bit twisted.
Love Chuck,
Dorota is funny but seriously if she didn't have the polish accent I doubt people would be flapping over her.


tee hee, i loved your pedocarr there kurr very suitable! chucknblair4eva i totally agree, miss carr project needs to be reinstated and soon. the whole carr-dan sotryline is interesting and twisted but at the same time Dan for me is just a completely diff person this season!


hey thanks loveleightonlively =) dan has been such a fxck this season. from the very beginning with him in the library scamming on two different girls.. WTF,CHUCKBASSMUCH? i miss last season d & s. this season kicks my ass. but i'm still confused and i'm quite the ggfreak. did we learn about some play that blair and dan are in together or is this just something they're springing on us after making us wait over a month i'm very very hopeful blair saves the day and gets rid of pedocarr. =)


as far as the serena,dan,and miss carr thing....serena deserves someone better than dan...dan has had many opportunities and can never seem to get it straight with serena...whether it be a valid reason or for dan and miss offense but i hope that relationship burns and crashes asap!!!! i didn't like miss carr to begin with and i sure don't like her now...i was utterly disappointed when i saw the ending of carnal knowledge disappointed and grossed out. blair should just finish miss carr off. teach her to mess with queen b.

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