Olivia Wilde Dishes on House Character

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Olivia Wilde is aware of the criticism her role on House has created.

Loyal fans are discouraged at the amount of screen time provided to this new character, especially when it's come at the expense of old favorites such as Cameron and Wilson.

Wilde doesn't seem affected by the harsh assessment of some viewers, however. She recently talked to The New York Post about her character's relationship with House and Foreman:

On her connection to House: "They are both very stubborn and smart, but they are different in a huge way: House hates ambiguity and Thirteen lives by it. [Producers] chose Thirteen more than they chose me."

On dating Foreman: "I'm playing a woman in an interracial relationship, I've found that people don't want to talk about it. In the post-racial world, we aren't supposed to consider what a difference in skin color or culture might mean in relationships. But what I really think is more interesting is confronting it."

Thirteen and Foreman

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