OMG! New Gossip Girl Promo (Extended)

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Here's an extended version combining some of the highlights from the new promos being circulated for the eagerly-anticipated March 16 return of Gossip Girl.

It just screams, well, OMG ...

[video url="" title="OMG: New Gossip Girl Promo (Extended)"] [/video]

Check out our library of Gossip Girl videos for all the latest promos, previews and clips from the show. Follow the jump for a slightly different version of the preview seen here - it's essentially the same except it's all music, no characters' dialogue ...

[video url="" title="Extended New Gossip Girl Promo"] [/video]

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I think this promo must be for several episodes. There's too much going on for just one. Eric wouldn't call Dan a stranger. On the other hand, Eric's never met Carter as far as I know. When Nate says "Actually, no", I don't think he means he's not into Blair. If he did, he wouldn't look so happy.


"Not even a little?"
"Actually, no." Holy crap, I never, ever thought Nate and Blair could be adorable. Even though I've been rooting for Chair all season... I wouldn't mind those two being together at all. I suppose it's because Blair wasn't really the smartass she was around Nate when they were together in season one. She was too busy coveting her conniving Blair-isms because she was sooo "in love" with him last season. :( But this is cute! :)


I am sure that it's Chuck who is saying that. If it wasn't I would be very upset with them for getting my hopes up.


Oh My God by Ida Maria is the song.


WOW! I hope C does start to fight for B! BUT......
Is it my ears, or does the line about I'm losing her in the promo NOT sound like Chuck?????????
Is it me?


Definitely OMG! I can't wait until Gossip Girl is back!!!


Hi, can someone please say what´s the name of this music???


My thoughts:
1.this promo is for episodes 2.18-2.20's not blair under chuck (sadly) and they are at chuck's room
3.the party (jenny's birthday?), elevator scene, chuck&girl, nate&blair scene happen during the same episode -> "remains of the j"
4."i'm losing her" scene, blair grabbing chuck, the slap -> "the grandfather"
5.blair&carter in 2.18-2.19


"by the end of tonight your blair will be dead and burried" is that blair speaking (does she mean shes isn't gonna b little skemming princess and turn into i dont care go with the flow bish)(whytta french toast is carter changing blair is he doing this to get back at chuck for telling nate that hes sleeping with blair)me dont understand



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