One Tree Hill Spoilers: Peyton's Baby

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A brief One Tree Hill spoiler from Kristin at E! today ...

Q: I heard that Peyton from One Tree Hill is gonna lose her baby in a car crash? She's my favorite character. Please tell me it's not true.

A: I love that your favorite character is one you haven't even met yet! I have a soft spot for Peyton and Lucas' spawn, too. (Or wait, did you mean Peyton is your fave?) Anyhoo, regardless, a source tells me this: "There is a car crash, but Peyton will not lose the baby because of that. She will be OK. But so far we don't know if the baby lives or dies yet in the finale." Ugh. Have your family-sized Kleenex box standing by, just in case!

Expect the One Tree Hill quotes to be kicked up a notch when the show returns March 16.

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Apparently Peyton will survive having the baby but the baby will have numerous disabilities. Haley and Nathan help pay for some life changing surgery for the baby and peyton struggles to come to terms with the fact that they could loose the baby and how she feels responsible Lucas tries to comfort her but Peyton leaves and there is aposibility she dies but that is as far as i know :) hope i could help x


o.m.g kk i just watched the part were peyton an lucas just got married everything fine then she walks down the hallway and starts dripping blood when she's pregnant so will her and the baby die an geez i hope she won't die like really so please tell me peyton won't die and same with the baby!!!!!


Q:Is Peyton(Hilarie Burton) going to lose the baby??Is there going to be a car crash??and is Lucas(Chad Micheal Murray) going to lose Peyton "FOREVER"?? A:It sounds like Peyton(Hilarie Burton ) and Lucas( Chad Michael
Murray) will lose the baby. But peyton really wants his baby......and if she has this baby Lucas could lose her "FOREVER". There is going to be a car crash but i think that if Peyton is in the car there is a great deal that she will lose the baby because a 1 month old baby could probly not survive a car crash,But hopefully she will not lose the baby. P.S dont forget to watch it on Monday,March 16 and keep a box of kleenex by your side.

One Tree Hill Quotes

Peyton: [singing] Her name is Lindsey, Man-faced Lindsey. And her fiancee proposed to me first, with the very same ring!
Lindsey: You're lying!

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