Rock Band Rules and Smokey Returns: TV Moments of the Week

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Rock Band making its way onto one of the top-rated sitcoms, as well as the smoke monster having its way with a French dude on Lost, highlighted the past week's worth of new episodes.

Here's a look at a few of the top developments across the primetime dial...

  • Sheldon sang a duet in Rock Band with Leonard's mom on The Big Bang Theory. It was a lot funnier than it reads.
Sheldon and Mrs. Hofstadter Sing
  • Silver got even more bonkers on 90210. This show is starting to get good.
Annie and Silver Pic
  • The smoke monster returned to Lost - and severed some French guy's arm from his body!
  • Lost, Monster
  • Run, Jin!
  • Boobs abounded on 30 Rock: Salma Hayek talked about hers, while one of Liz Lemon's popped out (the uglier one, unfortunately).
Lovely Liz Lemon

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