Another Sneak Preview of "Remains of the J"

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Below is another sneak preview clip of tomorrow night's all-new episode of Gossip Girl, "Remains of the J." Looks like there's plenty of Chair drama coming our way.

Chuck has been stalking Blair (sort of) and wants to know what her deal with Nate is. Blair says she and Nate are just friends - but adds that Chuck had his chance:

[video url="" title="Remains of the J Sneak Preview #2"][/video]

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LUV LUV LUV all the Nair fans coming out of the woodwork :)


K, let me remind you that Nate was dating the "most hated character"


Hahaha, wow. I love watching you Chair fans squirm. You were all soo confident about that 'endgame' bullshit about three weeks ago, and now look at you. Keep squirming, bbs. It's only going to get better- well for me. But worse for you. NAIR FOREVER:] PS. You guys have spent all season rubbing it Chair in our faces, so now it's my turn. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE CHUCK SLEEP WITH THE MOST HATED CHARACTER ON THE SHOW!?!?!?


i am a huge fan of chuck and blair, they will def. end up together, and i was dreading seeing blair and nate but i was surprised ... they really have grown up a lot since last season, and nate is so nice to blair. he is exactly what she needs right now.... someone stable i think the only reason that they put chuck and vanessa together is to make blair jealous and want chuck back.... although nate is soo sweet (it was really endearing) .. she will prob get bored after a little while because her relationship with chuck was so passionate and meaningful ... but she needs to be with nate right now. he is the one who will help her and nate didnt break up with vanessa because he was bored or because she was scheming ... he broke up with her because she left him alone at the family reunion. she didnt wait and listen to his side of the story and his reasons for taking teh job at the mayor's office ... all she cared about was that she was losing her free trip to europe, blair would be supportive of the opportunity the only one that really diappointed me was chuck..... it bugs me that he doesnt fight for blair ... he gave up so easily, and had a good time doing so ... grrr, he really has to grow up too before they can actually become serious i think he will grow up more later in teh season, and the whole trouble with the law thing for serena, and maybe some scheming, will bring them back together in time for the finale


the m's were commas- my keyboard is weird.


"a real man like c." How, in any way, shape, or form, is CHUCKm like CHUCK BASSm a real man?? Living off of Daddy's riches, treating women like ABSOLUTE GARBAGE,and sabotaging others' relationships- Woah, you're right. What a guy!


I love the reunion of B and N they're so cute together but its definatly not going to last because B needs a real man like C. I want to know where the heck V got the nerves to have sex with C?! She's such a hypocrite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


honestly, nate does not need any good or special reason to dump V. he's lost interest. he wants to move on. that's good enough.


i think it's pretty gross that v and c sleep together. wtf? and omg!


Darn it! I am disappointed~ So much for Chuck fighting for B. I am really hating what the writers are doing to Chuck. Anyone else getting whiplash? C wants B...C wants Elle...C wants B...C wants V....C wants B. The show is getting ridiculous!

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
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