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Wakey wakey and happy Monday, Upper East Siders! Tonight, Gossip Girl is back with an all-new episode, "Remains of the J," and it's shaping up to be a doozy.

Last week's "The Grandfather" put the love quadrangle of Nate, Blair, Chuck and Vanessa in motion. This week, the drama, jealousy and romance will escalate.

Elsewhere, it's Jenny's 16th birthday, but a mellow evening gets totally outta control when Serena and her pal Poppy get involved in party planning. Also, Dan receives a letter and package from Yale that set a number of things in motion.

What else do you think and hope will happen in this evening's Gossip Girl - and beyond? Discuss "The Grandfather" in our
Nate A.

Follow the link to check out the photos and sneak previews of "Remains of the J" that we've assembled so far, and if you are looking for even more details (major Gossip Girl spoiler alert), you can read our episode recap of tonight's events early, as well.

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Chuck and Vanessa are sick.... period, end of story


im totally a nair fan. I think (the reasonable) people that even like CB just respect that Nate&Blair are romantic together. It doesnt mean they still dont luv CB, it's just when something is as amazinggg has B&N in this ep, it cant be denied, even by CB fans! :)


Ive liked Nair the whole time. I havent said anything cause.. dunno.. nothin to say. Just watching like everyone else.
I knew B&N were bound to get back together again one day and now it;s here. And its a show, so I know theyll break up. But why sweat over it? They just got back together, so Im going to enjoy it.


^ agrees w/ surprised. its really annoying, they act like theyve been bn fans foreverrr. its like stfu. w/e i mean seriouslyyy
i mean, the only true nair fans, are the one whove liked them all alonggg. which is basically only the people that read the book too.


I have faith...Chuck and Blair should end up together


is nate leading blair on?
if so thats sad
and wtf jenny i would have been
sooooo happy with that sweet 16..... minus penelope ewwwww toodles
cant wait for april 20


I would like to see an interaction between Chuck and Nate on this situation. I mean, they;re supposed to be friends, wth. I imagine it would go something like Chuck asking whether Nate's feeling nostalgic blahblah and Im sure Nate will just declare his tru elove for Blair.. likely point out how Chuck has treated her badly. I dunno.. I mean, thats why Id like to see that interaction, to see what's said..


Nate was amazing this episode, imo. It was obvious that he was interested in Blair romantically the entire episode.
I liked the part in the park when Blair was going thru the Brangelina analogy and Nate was like "Is that ur subtle way of telling me to break up with Vanessa?" lol and then Nate reassures Blair "Dont worry, it's over with Vanessa".
Also when Nate went straight to Blair's place after dumping V.. LUUUUV Nair!!


I am surprised to see so many Nair fans. Are you converts or Nair fans the whole time and just now speaking up?


I hated the ending! i started to cry...ahaha. i love chuck and blair. but it was funny how blair was like all over nater and whatever. but seriously i love this show but like you have to put blair and chuck back together. i looovvee i mean loove them. sorry but worst episode. the ending is what made it the worst and not only that but the next preview i mean now i'm thinking they, chuck and vanessa, are not just trying to make blair and nate jelous i think they might likee each other and that just scares me!!!


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