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Wakey wakey and happy Monday, Upper East Siders! Tonight, Gossip Girl is back with an all-new episode, "Remains of the J," and it's shaping up to be a doozy.

Last week's "The Grandfather" put the love quadrangle of Nate, Blair, Chuck and Vanessa in motion. This week, the drama, jealousy and romance will escalate.

Elsewhere, it's Jenny's 16th birthday, but a mellow evening gets totally outta control when Serena and her pal Poppy get involved in party planning. Also, Dan receives a letter and package from Yale that set a number of things in motion.

What else do you think and hope will happen in this evening's Gossip Girl - and beyond? Discuss "The Grandfather" in our
Nate A.

Follow the link to check out the photos and sneak previews of "Remains of the J" that we've assembled so far, and if you are looking for even more details (major Gossip Girl spoiler alert), you can read our episode recap of tonight's events early, as well.

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Do you Vanessa fans like the Chuck pairing? I've grown to like Vanessa this season but with Chuck... it seems weird, maybe that's what the writers want though.


more people on the V wagon haha.
Team V!!!


Yea we love you Vanessa you're our fav on GG oh and you're totally hot espcially with chuck haha


my friends saw all this bashing on Vanessa so we've decided to write that we support V. V lovers you're not alone!


Where can I watch this episode? It's not on YouTube yet and I'm trying to avoid the spoilers. :p
Thank you!


WTF!!!!!! CV! i love chuck and blair....
i want chair..... cv is disgusting


I HATE THIS EPISODE WITH A PASSION! actually I HATE CHUCK AND VANESSA TOGETHER! I hate Vanessa. She is such a hypocrite. I thought she hated Chuck then she will go ahead and sleep with him! WTF! I just know she will get her payback. What goes around, comes around! Karma will be a definite bitch. Just like Blair Waldorf.


i hated this episode. i dont like vanessa, never have and never will. and what she did in this episode just solidified that fact. i dont see any chemistry between chuck and vanessa AT ALL! what were the writers thinking! i was prepared to cringe at that kiss but an ACTUAL HOOK UP is puke-worthy! the writers just took it TOO FAR! it just ruined chuck for me. I want to see him actually fight for blair and not end up in his old routing of hooking up with whores. Gosh! make him grow up writers, Make him a better man! so far he is just too immature and he doesnt deserve Blair at all!


omg, im so obsessed right now lol


luved S in this! need the old wold S back, woo!


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