Ed Westwick Rocks the Kilt

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Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick strutted his stuff on the runway in a traditional kilt during the Dressed to Kilt fashion show at N.Y.C.'s M2 Ultra Lounge. The event, which paid tribute to all things Scottish, was hosted by famous Scotsman Sir Sean Connery.

Nice legs, Ed!

Ed Westwick Kilt Photo

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see how hot he looks without that annoying comb over? Go ed!!


Um...LOL!! He is hot even in a kilt!!!


As a Scot myself, I think he looks amazing. I love the Kilt, it's different Shut up he is not Gay..


So gay...


Hooootness.... aaaw, I love him.


He looks dirty...in a messed up, did not shower way. eeeww. not a good outfit. no disrespect to scots and kilts. but it just doesnt work for ed.

Scottish thistle

Awww wow love the kilt!!! Scotland Rules!!! Xo Xo


haha this is so irrelevant but I was in Amsterdam last Saterday and the whole city was full of drunk scottish men in killts! Ed's hot in a kilt!!!


God, I love this guy so much.... no matter what he wears...
He's so hot and fearless ewhen it comes to bizarre outfits. He wears a lot worse than a kilt in GG and still pulls it off.
He is amazing!!!


he looks better than those pic s with jessica . as if he started taking care of himself. but the design of an outfit "kilt" is soooo tasteless. the idea is ok but the out fit looks not good.


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