Extended Promo For "Seder Anything"

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We posted the first promo for the next episode earlier today. Now here's a longer "Seder Anything" teaser. This is the first of the final five episodes of Season 2.

What happens with Nair? What's the surprise wedding? Who's the girl with Chuck? Is Serena really a wife? Too bad we have to wait 'til April 20 to watch it unfold ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/seder-anything-extended-promo/" title="Seder Anything: Extended Promo"] [/video]

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It´s not "ci" is "Sí" it means "yes". So she is gonna marry an Spanish guy??


This really seems a way of giving Derena fans a little something without them being officially together.


this show gets crazier and crazier but I can't get enough of it. Chuck is my favorite character for his vulnerbility with how he wants Blair who he can't have they want you to believe that blair is in bed with chuck I believe the show would lose its spark if chuck got the girl blair. that's what gives gossip girl its spark just like Dan and Serena not able to stay together for the same reason. I like the to think Chuck will eventually end up with Blair, but this is definately georgina in bed with him. Chuck has a soul......


its not blair with chuck :(
if you look at the preview on the cw, you can see the girl pushing chuck against the wall, but it's right in front of jenny and some guy, so i don't think they'd be that public if blair were still with nate


it's not Blair, get over it.


Ever heard of heels ;), I watched the promo in full screen mode and the bed scene it really does look like Blair (fingers crossed!) I know it's doubtful but it does look like her, but the girl who pushes him against the wall might not be the same girl he's in bed with.


chuck might just be hooking up with some random girl... it's not vanessa and it doesn't look like georgina really. if it's the same girl that pushes him against the wall, she looks too tall to be blair also


im so happy to see all these pix of blair and nate together coming up in these eps.


Serena: Wait, are you jealous?
Dan: No. Sort of. LOL. Love Dan and Serena! Pair them back together!!


I really doubt the writere are dumb enough to break up B & N... I have a feeling they'll have a few more episodes together... like prom?! =) *squeeeee

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