Friday Night Lights Renewed For Seasons Four and Five

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The perpetually on-the-chopping block Friday Night Lights has been granted a reprieve - this time for two years, carrying the show through it's fifth season!

Multiple sources now confirm that Friday Night Lights is a go for two more 13-episode seasons, airing first on DirecTV in the fall and later on NBC in winter.

Connie Britton (Tami Taylor) recently told E! about the possibility of a pickup for the drama, "I am feeling optimistic about it and really hopeful. As much as you feel like, 'OK, it's time to move on,' the reality is that to have the opportunity to create something new with [this show] every day is simply the greatest gift. It would be great if we had another season."

Looks like she's been granted her wish - and all 113 of us who enjoy this wonderful drama each week now get to reap the benefits through at least 2011!

Meet the Taylors

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I LOVE this show! It is my #1 fav show. I dont really pay attention to ratings, does it not get good ratings? My whole family is hooked.


I am thrilled to learn there will be a fourth and fifth season. This is absolutely the best show on TV. Never miss an episode. I found FNL in Season 1 by accident when channel surfing one night and have been transfixed ever since. The only show I have ever decided to buy on DVD. Wish people knew what they were missing!


Thank goodness it is coming back, this is the best show on TV. I am continually amazed that an older Chicago man can get so involved in the fictitious lives of a bunch of Texas kids. These characters are great, you really care about them and the writing is fabulous.


This show is excellent. I've watched it since it began and the murder storyline aside, it has been an exceptional show. I find it amazing that shows like CHUCK can get all the PR and help from the top brass at NBC and they know how to sell a show like that...but when it comes to something of quality like FNL they don't have a clue what to do with it. I am very happy and shocked that they are renewing it for another two seasons! The show really makes my week!


The first season shift to a more "dramatic" (soap opera) plot really hurt the show and the 2nd season murder storyline was AWFUL. That being said, if the show had better promotion and did not air on friday night, it would do better.


You've just made my day!


I'm so happy !!!!!!!