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Below is the first promo for "Seder Anything," the next new episode of Gossip Girl, which is scheduled to air on Monday, April 20. Yes, another three-week break, but then it's five straight weeks of episodes to close out Season Two.

In "Seder Anything," Chuck and Nate set out to expose Serena's shady new man Gabriel, while becoming bitter rivals for the affections of Blair Waldorf in the process. Meanwhile, Cyrus Rose and a newly-reformed Georgina Sparks return.

Tell us what you think after seeing the first glimpse of the episode:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/seder-anything-promo/" title="Seder Anything Promo"] [/video]

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I wouldn't be surprised that the season ends with Blair having to make a choice between Nate or Chuck and it will end without her decision. She realizes Nate is safe and comfortable but no fireworks.
She has fireworks with Chuck but being with him hurts.
Maybe she decides to be by herself and lets Chuck and Nate reconnect as friends. However, I would like to see Chuck and Blair have an actual real romance in Season 3! Blair is ready, is Chuck finally ready????


a link to more spoiler info: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news...


LAUREN. What is UP. You are a genius!! All your ideas sound spot-on!!
That totally makes sens in terms of the reason Nate says that line to Blair-he might be thinking that Blair is trying to push marriage so soon like their families want/everything all perfect when they're so young still. But I'm sure theyll make up from that particular issue.
I agree with every point you made.


Promos are misleading on purpose. They often combine clips from several episodes to get a "storyline" Serena accidentally marries Gabriel in Spain. I am pretty sure he isn't actually European so two US Citizens getting married abroad would most likely legally be accepted when she comes back. Dan is covering for Serena and in the meantime Georgina comes back (reformed) and she is helping the rest of the gang expose Gabriel who is this "gold digger" I think. Blair won't make her choice official until the last episode between Chuck and Nate. So I don't think it's her and Chuck. And seriously to do that again is beyond stupid. She obviously chose to be with Nate when she could have just been friends with him this time. So why go and cheat? That's stupid. The boy with Jenny can not be Scott (the love child) since he was born before Dan, Serena etc. It happen when Lily was younger so that child is going to be relative older than all the rest. At the wedding I almost bet that Blair starts trying to push engagement since in Season 1 they were understood to eventually do that by their families. So going to Tripp's wedding might bring those feelings back. So Nate could be saying "I thought things were going to be different...." like you not trying to manipulate me into proposing. And Blair could be "No!" that's not what I meant...blah blah. At the end of the season when she picks between the two of them. And it's suppose to be a shocker so that makes me think it will be Nate. Cause I don't think it would be a shocker to anyone if she picks Chuck. Plus if they are going to have them together doing it in Season 3 properly with development would be best.


Did S just get married? Wow. And who's the groom? Gabriel?? Looks like her hands will be full.
And while N+B is kinda cute, I'm really hoping for some C+B moments to turn up sooner than later.


1. At first I thought, it cant be Blair so soon after Nate. But maybe after Nate dumps her she's really distraught and runs to Chuck.. hmm.. dunno..
2. The "watch your back comment".. thinking maybe it's one of those wedding jokes people always give at toasts-you know one of those, now you've got a ball and chain type thing, joking about marriage. But nate sounds so seriosu when he says it..
No V in the promo though!! It's a just a promo so it doesn tmean anything, but still..! LOL


Ok... the girl in bed... not Blair you can tell right away! :(


Chuck is with Georgina... for sure ... i saw a video of chuck and Georgina meeting up in central park, and its the same outfit that she was wearing when she pushes Chuck against the wall. And it makes sense that Chuck would ask "Have we done this before?" because Blair said in 1x17 that Chuck lost his virginity to Georgina back in grade 6 (wayy too young!!!)


Karina, I agree with everything you say there.
As for the girl on the bed, I watched the facebook promo (same extended one as on the CW site). The sound quality is even better there, plus you can fullscreen it, and even pause and rewind/ff easily. As best as I can tell, it's Georgina, not Blair, on the bed with Chuck at the 15 second mark. The jaw and chin line look more like G than B, as does the eye makeup.

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