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Below is the first promo for "Seder Anything," the next new episode of Gossip Girl, which is scheduled to air on Monday, April 20. Yes, another three-week break, but then it's five straight weeks of episodes to close out Season Two.

In "Seder Anything," Chuck and Nate set out to expose Serena's shady new man Gabriel, while becoming bitter rivals for the affections of Blair Waldorf in the process. Meanwhile, Cyrus Rose and a newly-reformed Georgina Sparks return.

Tell us what you think after seeing the first glimpse of the episode:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/seder-anything-promo/" title="Seder Anything Promo"] [/video]

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Thank you so much Tanya!! This longer version is a good clue!
When Nate says:"I actually thought this time would be different". Maybe it means that blair has been cheating on him with Chuck, again!! This is possible.
YES I can hope again! =D


Hey guys! I've just been watching the OMG promo and I can't help thinking this is blair with chuck in bed. Can you watch it again and tell me what you think? thanks =)


okay forget it i used 2 love chair like a crazy person like if anyone said nair or anything else or put chuck or blair with anyone else id be so pissed! but now 4get it put chuck with v if u want (caise sadly they had way 2 much chemistry and were way 2 cute but maybe cause they r dating in real life i dont know) put blair wit stupid nate who i reall stopped liking and i stopped liking blair cuz shes acting so annoying and i stopped liking nate cuz of how he did v i have vo idea y but i like v now!oh my god someone shoot me now!!!!!


There is a longer promo on facebook.
Here is the link:
Just thought i would let you know. :) x


Ok, I definitely think that it is not Blair with Chuck - I agree it is Georgiana (or whatever), Nate does say something like "watch your back" but I am sure it will turn into something that will make sense when it is actually happening. I don't think there are going to be any cool Blair and Chuck scenes - the promos keep setting us up to think that they are finally going to get back that same amazing chemistry that they had S1, and that they had in the beginning of S2 - and there were even a few moments later in S2 (i.e. the rooftop "I'm Chuck Bass, Nobody Cares" scene) that were so amazing - but then it all just kind of fell apart - and all of the chair fans are just like "huh?" what happened to the chair romance? Why is Chuck just lying down and giving up so easily? I like Blair with Nate for now, but it is not the romance I want to see... I don't hate Vanessa, yes she is going against everything that she once stood for, so what? She needs to become more interesting and maybe bad Vanessa will be just that... I just don't want her with Chuck. I really hope the writers take there time and work things out so that GG fans won't feel so lost and empty. Bring back bad Chuck, Awesome/manipulating/controlling Blair, let Nate figure himself out, S needs to be bad again - maybe the marriage thing is just something to do with her character - at least she is not just filler anymore . Okay this is too long : ) Ta ta for now!


i seriously think that Georgina is the one who pushes Chuck against the wall. It looks like her hair and her jacket but I'm not sure


Serena got married! I may piss myself from laughing!


mmm, could someone please explain me what does seder mean? I looked the dictionary, and it says that it`s some kind of jewish tradition.


Chair fans, don't give up on Chuck yet! He is a work in progress..a lot of work. The CV hook up was disgusting and we all felt it (the Chair fans that is). Chuck is a pretty messed up guy so let's just hold tight and trust the writers will do some damage control.


I think something happen in spain and serena got married drunk?
I dont know. and dan is helping her.

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