Gossip Girl Spoilers: Derena Done For Good?

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Would Georgina be a good addition to the cast full-time? Is there a glimmer of hope for Dan and Serena? Here couple of Gossip Girl spoilers from E! Online today ...

Q: I can't wait for Georgina Sparks to come back to Gossip Girl! Any chance we'll see more of her next season, too?

A: I'm just as excited as you are, especially after all of the goodies that have been revealed about Georgina's return! Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina) tells us nothing has been decided just yet about her Gossip Girl fate, but her answer did have us leaning toward a yes! "A character like Georgina is so fantastic, and there are so many elements that are exciting and untapped, so you never know." And while she has nothing planned, Michelle went on to say that she would definitely be open to a full-time TV gig, whether it's Gossip Girl or something new. "I think the wonderful thing about doing TV shows is that you get a few months out of the year to do films as well, so you get the best out of every world." Did you hear that Josh Schwartz?

Pleading His Case?

Q: Hey, I'm dying without my Gossip Girl fix! Please, is there any hope for Serena and Dan now that they have a half-dead-sibling? Anything else you can spill?

A: They have a half sibling who is fully alive and whom we will see on the show! And because of that and more, I'm told by a source: "Serena and Dan are really over." Done. Kaput. No hope for them this season. Sorry! As for the rest of the spring, Serena will be cozying up big time to her new boy-toy (played by Armie Hammer) and a source says: "The last few episodes of the season are chock-full of some of the biggest OMFG moments of the series."

What do you think those OMFG moments will be on Gossip Girl? Do you think Derena is really done for good - and would you be happy if so? Sound off below!

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DS can't be over for good! They're the sweetest couple on the show...they HAVE to end up together. I'm not gonna watch until they are back.


im all for D and S staying together


Iam okay with Darena not being together for the mean time but generally I miss the two since they made a very good couple. But it also serves Dan right since he became too careless. I cant believe GEORGINA is coming back! Now that she is with CHUCK it compeletly makes me ill.But this time it will be amazing.


Ausiello confirms kristin. Question: Please tell me there is still hope for Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl? --Adam
Ausiello: If I did, I'd be lying. Exec producer Stephanie Savage confirms that Derena is dunzo. "I will tell you -- and you can tell [everyone else] -- that they do not get back together as a couple."


I miss the old Derena also. Season 2's Derena has been a big yawn! It would be nice to see Georgina back, but I don't know if they would be a place for her as a regular cast member...


I totally agree with Japao and Julie,
I miss the old Derena !!!
But if there is a chance for them to get back together in the next season - then it is okay...but only if there is hope !


Okay i'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks this but i TOTALLY miss the old derena back from season 1....d and s had such good chemistry and its so sad to see it fade...i am sick of their off and on relationship so i think its good for them to be apart and date other people for now and the rest of the season...however i really hope they get back together in future seasons and i hope they find a way to stay together and become the core couple..gg needs a stable relationship and i think dan and serena would be perfect...they are ment to be and represet all the perfect/dream couple everyone wants! its a necessity.I think the writers would be making a horrible choice by never giving them a chance..all the s&d fans will be heartbroken. Even though they will be broken up for now, i think they will always have that special something throughout the season and future seasons up until they get back together. SERENA AND DAN FANS KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED! There is hope for them. d&s forever


Dan and blair would totally freaking rock. i would want them to be the new main core couple.


dan and serena is the END GAME! maybe in season3.. they signed for 6 season! plus Dan needs to explore new LOVE INTEREST


Given the fact that Dan did a HORRIBLE (with Carr) thing this season, a reconciliation with Serena is not around the corner. But for whatever it's worth, I'm still hoping that for the next seasons, writers will let the characters of Blake and Penn be more mature. And yes, I'm still hoping for both of them to end up together. :)

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